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Friday, May 19, 2006


Shorts from the Planning Board, May 8

Coventry Woods (Concord Street Chapter 40B Condominiums). Reviewing two versions of plans for the development, the board observed that one set was illegible because it had many extraneous lines represented. Apparently multiple layers of the CAD (computer aided drawing) drawings were turned on during the printing. The small size of the other set of drawings resulted in marginal utility for the board's review. As observed by the board, there are deficiencies in planning for the development in that there is no comprehensive list of waivers nor is there a statement of what engineering work will be performed at the various approval or construction phases. Comments will be forwarded to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Berry Corner Lane. Keith Therrien and Charles Bennett (78 and 125 Berry Corner Lane) requested information on the status of Berry Corner Lane. Chair David Freedman said, "The board needs to have a maintenance agreement on the roadway — no one individual can take responsibility.All of the parties involved will have to sign on to a maintenance agreement.Further work cannot be done on the road without another filing with the Conservation Commission [because of wetlands]." Board Administrator George Mansfield added, "The original Order of Conditions has expired." The board indicated that further discussion will be reserved for executive session because there is a lawsuit involved.

Disappearing land in Carlisle. Doris and Niels Larsen and Melissa McMorrow requested an informal discussion of a draft plot plan that includes 301 and 333 Concord Street. At issue is the apparent conflict among prior surveys of the properties, including the Town Assessors' Map. Niels Larsen summarized the situation: "Calculation with better technology [current surveying technology] indicates an overlap between two lotsI paid for the same one-half acre twice." Consensus was that the most effective approach to clarify the situation may be to present the board with a new (correct) ANR (Approval Not Required) plan and to make sure that deed documents are consistent with that new plan.

ANR Plans (Approval Not Required). A corrected plan for two lots on McAllister Drive with Karen L. Andon as applicant was endorsed. Also endorsed was a plan for 509 and 545 South Street with Sidney G. MacRae Trust No. 1 as applicant.

Closed session. After an expression of thanks for retiring member Louise Hara's seven years of service, the public meeting was adjourned. The board went into executive session to discuss a pending litigation regarding property on Berry Corner Lane (Map 7, Parcel 29). The board is defendant with Valchuis, et al. as plaintiff. (See Carlisle Mosquito, February 15, 2002 for a summary of the issues involved.)

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