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Friday, May 19, 2006


Shorts from the ConsCom, May 11

323 Concord Street. As a first step in a plan to create a new pork chop lot abutting their existing residence, Niels and Doris Larsen sought and received verification of the boundaries of a bordering vegetated wetland. Stamski and McNary engineer George Dimakarkos presented the Abbreviated Notice of Resource Delineation, backed by EcoTec peer reviewer John Rockwood. The desired Order of Resource Delineation was duly issued, clearing the way for future filings before the Conservation Commission and other town boards.

534 River Road. Jan Deyoe's Notice of Intent to install a replacement septic system with grading for a soil absorption system including a septic tank, pump chamber and piping was favorably received by the commission. According to engineer Dimakarakos, the proposed system is to be located "in the only spot available" in an essentially damp lot. The hearing was continued to May 25 at 8:15 p.m. to await final action by the Board of Health and receipt of a DEP number.

157 Koning Farm Road. In a hearing continued from their April 27 meeting to allow for verification of the boundaries of a wetland as flagged 20 years ago, the commission approved a Notice of Intent filed by Lemonias Development. The filing included a single family dwelling, retaining walls, a well and associated grading.

As requested in the original hearing, Dimakarakos submitted a construction sequence, a more detailed plan for slope stabilization and a doubling of the required haybales surrounding the well. The hearing was closed, and at the request of Commissioner Tricia Smith, a special requirement was added to the Standard Order of Conditions specifying that the contractor be warned not to grade beyond the indicated boundaries.

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