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Friday, May 19, 2006

Stevenson thanks voters

To the Editor:

I'd like to thank the voters for entrusting me to serve as a member of the Carlisle Board of Selectmen for another term. It is an honor to have been elected and to have the opportunity to help shape our community in the coming years. We have seen many changes here over the past decades, but I still believe Carlisle is one of the very best places to live and to raise a family.

It remains my top priority to preserve and protect that which has made Carlisle such a great town, while adapting to the inevitable changes we face. I am up to the challenge and hope others will join me in this endeavor.

Thank you, again, to all those that have been so supportive over the years.

Douglas A. G. Stevenson
Cross Street

Rober thanks supporters

To the Editor:

Running a write-in campaign at the last moment is clearly a difficult task. It is difficult to get your message out to everyone in such a short time. I greatly enjoyed listening to the concerns of the many people who spent time to talk with me. While I see and talk with many people in town on a daily basis, it is surprising how many different groups of people there are. Finally, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to those who came out in the rain to vote for me.

Donald Rober
Rutland Street

After-school music program's Faculty Recital was superb

To the Editor:

My compliments to the instrumental music teachers of Carlisle and Concord and to Tom O'Halloran and Al Dentino, IMSCC Directors, for bringing a spectacular Faculty Recital to Carlisle's Corey Auditorium last Thursday evening, May 11.

The musicianship an audience of mostly students and parents witnessed was superb. The faculty chose fascinating varied music and exhibited incredible facility of technical skills and interpretation.

Opening with a jam session, Don Kirby, Jason Felitto, Jason Yost and Matt Small encouraged young instrumentalists to enjoy and entertain. Deanna Arista demonstrated fluidity and subtlety of her flute with a Bach sonata. Andrei Sobchenko's fingers rippled over the valves of his alto sax as easily as petting a cat. Clarinetists Debbie Levine and Nate Johnson glided perfectly together over a Mendelssohn concert piece and Sissie Siu Cohen and Yoshiko Kline performed the unexpected intervals of Florent Schmidt's "Legende" exquisitely. Michelle Doyle played an early Poulenc sonata, displaying mastery over the highest and lowest ranges of her clarinet. Orlando Cela played the wildly contemporary flute piece "Lookout!" after an intriguing introduction predicting "squeaks and farts" which pleased the audience no end. Small and Sobchenko battled with fortes and timbres in three short pieces which delighted ears dulled by electronic amplification. Violinist Sargis Karapetyan closed the program playing an "Andalusian Romance" so expressively it brought tears to many eyes.

Throughout the evening, Nune Hakobyan graciously accompanied on piano, beautifully matching each performer's intent and mood with facility and grace, in addition to her virtuoso solo performance of a toccata by Aram Khatchaturian.

At the reception, comments overheard were both admiration for the event and plans being laid to have two such evenings during the next academic year. Free this year, there ought to be donation boxes and an SRO crowd next season.

Begun in 1980, the Instrumental Music School of Carlisle and Concord (IMSCC) is now a self-funded initiative of the Concord-Carlisle Schools Adult and Continuing Education Department, innovatively directed by Courtland Booth. Please add your kudos and encouragement to

Phyllis W. Hughes
Church Street

Remember to Pass it Forward

To the Editor:

Amy Fennick has worked hard to create another Pass It Forward Day at the Carlisle Transfer Station this Saturday, May 20. On behalf of Household Goods Recycling Ministry, Inc., I would like to thank all of you who have donated household goods for our very needy clients. In the past year, we have given out an average of 30 beds a week and serve over 200 families a month who are coming out of homeless shelters, or have ended up in very difficult situations due to abuse, illness, fires, floods, and really need help from us in this town. We always need pots, pans, bedding, glasses, dishes, silverware, and decorative items for people who are transitioning from shelters or institutions with nothing to put in their new rooms or apartments. Our clients are referred through Social Service Agencies and come to our warehouse at 530 Main Street, Acton (Route 27) by appointment to start their climb back to a normal life. Very few of us here have ever been in the position where we could not afford to buy sheets or towels. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, please come talk to us on Saturday. We have no paid staff, and many different positions open for people who are looking to give a hand up to those who have been through such difficult times. We'll have tax deduction slips for those who want them. We will be in the corner to the left of the Swap Shed. Thanks for all you have done already.

Jill Henderson
Sunset Road

Carlisle students serve seniors

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, May 9, the Carlisle Middle School Student Council, Mr. Avery and Mrs. Beauchamp and some other student volunteers made lunch for some of Carlisle's seniors.The students did the cooking, serving and offered music as entertainment.It was very heartwarming to enjoy their efforts and the results of their labors.It is a testament to our school, teachers and students thatwith everything going on, they took the time to plan and successfully execute this event.I am told that the students are planning on a repeatof this event next year, andI suspecteven more seniors will attend.On behalf of Carlisle Council on Aging and the seniors who were able to attend, I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for a lovely and enjoyable lunch and interaction with our talented, interesting and delightful younger generation.

Angela Smith
Carlisle COA Outreach Coordinator

Kudos to Louise Hara

To the Editor:

With the election just completed, some valiant new folks will soon be serving on various town boards and some who have served are stepping down. I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for one of the latter, Louise Hara, leaving the Planning Board after seven years of dedicated service.

When I came onto the board almost four years ago, Louise was chair, so I naturally looked to her for guidance as I learned the ropes. She was unfailingly helpful, cheerful and encouraging. I am awed by her encyclopedic knowledge of the town— not only who lives on which common driveway, but what the field out back looks like and precisely where the trail just off their property line crosses the intermittent stream before it opens to a spectacular view — useful information, often critical to applications before our board.

I took Louise as my standard for service. I work hard, but she always seemed to be doing more, not only for the Planning Board, but also for Trails, and over the years, the Historical Commission, Long-Term Caps, and as liaison to ConsCom, which probably only scratches the surface. If it needed doing, Louise was there to do it or to help get it done. She has inspired me — not only with her unwavering dedication, always focused on the task and never on herself (never ever an ego issue with Louise!), but also for her unwavering positive attitude.

Louise has become a great friend, Carlisle is still a small town, and I know she won't be able to keep herself out of Town Hall, so our paths will cross, but I will dearly miss her quick mind, her ready smile, and her counsel every second Monday evening throughout the coming year.

David Freedman
Hutchins Road
Chair, Planning Board

CSA Book Fair a success

To the Editor:

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time at the 2006 Carlisle School Association Book Fair. The Book Fair is a yearly spring event that funds the purchase of many school library books. It could not have been such a great success without the help of the 100+ volunteers. We are grateful to have such wonderful parent volunteers at our school. And thank you to the students, parents, teachers and staff members who purchased books and made the fair a great success.

Thank you again to all who helped.

Shelley Walton, Highwoods Lane
Annie Hill, Buttrick Lane
CSA Book Fair co-chairs

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