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Friday, May 12, 2006


Three years ago, Bill and Jane Hamilton of Maple Street decided to adopt a child. This decision involves a daunting series of questions: do we want the baby to look like us? What gender? How old? Are we prepared to adopt a "normal," healthy child or one with special needs? From where? What kind of resources will we need? How long does it take? Tied ...more

For 15 years I was both a mother and a daughter on Mother's Day. While my children brought me breakfast in bed, presented me with their homemade cards and presents, and suggested ways for us to spend the day together, my heart pulled at me to be with my own mother, to show her the love and appreciation she so deserved. It was her day, not mine. Sadly I no ...more

Name: The six-spotted tiger beetle is Cicindela sexguttata. Guttata is latin for spotted or dappled, and sex — at least in this context — means six. (Many plants and animals have guttata in their name — one of my favorites is the spotted turtle — Clemmys guttata.) There are over 100 species of tiger beetles ...more

If you ever doubted that Carlisle is still a small town, consider this. ...more

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