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Friday, May 5, 2006


Just before National Poetry Month ended in April, the Carlisle Oral History Project interviewed Carlisle's own prolific poet laureate, Grace Butler Dutton. A stylish, friendly woman of 88, she is still writing her poems, often presenting these small treasures to friends and family as unique gifts. ...more

"Teachers on (Thin) Ice" is an hilarious take-off on how to run Concord-Carlisle High School like a business. Playwright and math teacher Peter Atlas contends, "We have much to sell!" There's a much sought-after "CCHS Rank Book" that can be bought for an outrageous price. Come find out why it's so expensive and why you'll be willing ...more

When my seven-year-old son was younger, I had hoped he would want to try dance classes. My motivation was not the wish for him to develop the grace or flexibility or finely tuned muscles of a dancer; it was that we knew so few boys taking dance classes — and by "so few," I mean "none" — that I figured he'd be assured of the lead ...more

Name: The Cyclops is named for the race of bad-tempered, one-eyed giants of Greek mythology. Ours are small and much better behaved, which is a good thing because we have a lot of them. They are micro-crustaceans in the class Copepoda (oar-foot) where cope means oar and poda means foot. They swim slowly using their antennae ...more

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