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Friday, May 5, 2006


New title for Carlisle teacher Steve Bober

After 29 years at the Carlisle Public Schools and the last 18 in the seventh grade, language arts teacher Steve Bober is making a change. Next fall, in a new position as Literacy Specialist/Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator for grades three to eight he will not have a classroom of his own, but he will have six classrooms. The transition is bittersweet.

"I've been in the seventh grade since 1988. I love the seventh grade and I'm definitely not happy about leaving the classroom. And I'm definitely not happy about giving up the opportunity to help [seventh-graders] discover their voices and the power of reading and writing; and being there when the doors and minds are opening."

On the other hand, he is looking forward to his new opportunities. "I don't know what my day or week will be like, but I'm excited about what's there for me to learn The more I learn about the grades — the big picture rather than the details — the more I'll be able to influence the continuity of the [grade three to eight] program. I am looking forward to working with some fantastic teachers, co-teaching and modeling lessons, and working with Sue La Porte (Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator for kindergarten to grade two).I took the job because it is a good opportunity for me and good for the school."

But for the remainder of this school year he is not thinking about the new job; he is concentrating on his seventh-graders. "I am enjoying every second of my last year in the classroom."

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