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Friday, May 5, 2006


Quotes from Town Meeting

Town Meeting Moderator Tom Raftery: "Making an amendment from the floor is like making sausage in public."

Raftery: "And now the report we have all been waiting for." [No activity under the USA PATRIOT Act.]

Selectman John Williams on state law Chapter 40B: "It is a mandate, not an option."

Former Board of Health board member Bobby Lyman on the Affordable Accessory Apartment (AAA) bylaw and 40B: "I don't like to vote things in as a reaction to a threat."

Kerry Kissinger on the AAA bylaw: "You have 15-year handcuffs on your property on this program."

Asked if AAAs would have to conform to the wetlands bylaw, Selectman Doug Stevenson: "Now what do you think?"

Fire Chief David Flannery: "Fire doubles every two minutes in a structure, so time is very important."

The following quotes relate to Motion 6, Article 26 authorizing a $200,000 payment for two additional affordable housing units in the planned Coventry Woods 40B development off Concord Street:

Selectman John Williams: "Coventry Woods has been a nightmare to the neighbors...and a rude awakening to the rest of us."

Former Selectman John Ballantine: "Carlisle is now entering the 40B era of its growth."

John Foster of Nathan Lane: "This is definitely precedent-setting."

Willliams: "When you are mugged in a dark alley, you probably give money, but it is hardly a precedent."

Long-Term Capital Requirements chair: On the Article 10 expenditure of $8,800: "includes an envelope-stuffing machine, so you can get your tax bill faster."

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