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Friday, May 5, 2006

To the Editor:

I wish to announce my candidacy for the Board of Selectmen as a write-in candidate. I grew up in Belmont, lived in Texas and California and returned fourteen years ago to work with my brother in our family business. I postponed my decision to run for Selectman earlier this spring since I was in the middle of selling my business. The sale happened more quickly than I expected so I now have the time to apply all my efforts to this position.

I have spent the last six years on committees, most recently on Long-Term Caps. It has given me the opportunity to hear people from all areas of the town express their needs to fulfill their vision of the Town of Carlisle. I want to work with the rest of the Board of Selectmen to listen to these needs and help set priorities so that everyone is working toward the same goals.

I have two children in the Carlisle Public School and naturally I want them to get the best education possible. They both play sports in the fall and spring, and I hear the lobbying for fields, but I also get the tax bill every quarter and my wallet cries for relief.

My goal as Selectman is to keep this town attractive to the people who live here, set policies that move us forward compatible with our values, and work together with the other Selectmen to keep the town running as efficiently as possible.

I ask for your vote on Election Day to make this possible.

Donald Rober
Rutland Street

Rober for Board of Selectmen

To the Editor:

I met Don Rober six years ago when we were chaperones on a preschool trip to Kimball Farms in Westford. Even that day, our conversation was about Carlisle and what was going on. He has always been interested in town affairs and now that he has the time to devote to what it takes to be a Selectman, I think he is a skillful and talented choice for this important job.

Don is very much concerned that the town be run in a prudent but caring way. He pays attention to the process but expects reasonable results. He is thoughtful and considerate and will weigh all sides of an issue before reaching a sensible and level-headed conclusion.

Through his work on the Long-term Capital Requirements Committee, Don has demonstrated a willingness to take the long view on town issues. He has shown the ability to listen and work cooperatively to come to realistic compromises. He understands the value of our taxes and the services the town provides.

I urge you to vote for Don Rober as a write-in candidate for Selectman.

Caren Ponty
East Street

[Ed. note: Ponty is the chair of the Community Preservation Committee.]

Vote for Tucker for School Committee

To the Editor:

It's a privilege to write to urge Carlisle's voters to support Lori Tucker in the May 9 contested School Committee race.

Lori has many fine qualities that will make her an outstanding representative on the School Committee. Since meeting Lori in 2002 at a children's playgroup, I have come to know her very well and to appreciate her strengths and values. Lori's training as a lawyer is apparent when you talk to her. She is articulate and persuasive, and she does not shy away from expressing her opinion or taking unpopular stands. She is also willing to listen, consider other viewpoints and change her position when the facts warrant. I have experienced these qualities firsthand in the numerous and varied discussions we have had about a range of subjects, including the Carlisle School.

Lori is incredibly committed to our school. My children will be entering kindergarten in the fall, and as that time approaches, I have found myself paying ever closer attention to news about the school. Time and again I have turned to Lori for information and advice. She has always been completely informed on every topic we have discussed. This commitment grew out of her involvement in her children's experience but has broadened and deepened. She has attended numerous School Committee meetings since well before entering this race. With Lori on the School Committee, Carlisle will get unflagging energy, a willingness to ask hard questions, and a deep and abiding concern that each and every child receives the best education the school can offer.

I would like to thank both candidates for entering this race. The election has focused much-needed attention on the issues facing our school.

Please consider voting for Lori Tucker on May 9. If you have questions about any of her positions, I urge you to contact her directly. I know she would welcome the chance to talk with as many of you as possible.

Madeleine Blake
Carleton Road

Koski for School Committee

To the Editor:

I am writing to support the candidacy of Chad Koski for School Committee. It is my opinion that you can't really know a person until you have attempted to coach Little League baseball with him. I say "attempted" because trying to coach 12 or so prepubescent males who, at times, have the collective attention span of a Labrador Retriever, tends to reveal true character. Throughout the seasons that I coached with Chad, regardless of whatever delusions of grandeur that I had about winning a five-dollar plastic trophy, Chad's eyes were always on the real prize: sportsmanship, well being and the participation of all the players on the team. It is a testament to Chad that in a high-attrition sport like youth baseball, Chad's players always come back for another season.

We all face challenges as parents. If we are lucky along the way, we meet good people like Chad who have the ability to listen, empathize and advise. I am confident that Chad will use these abilities to better our schools, and so I ask you to join me in voting for Chad Koski for School Committee on May 9, 2006.

Mac Creighton
School Street

Come to a reception May 10

To the Editor:

The Annual Town Election will be held on Tuesday, May 9, 2006. Polls will open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. On Wednesday, May 10, there will be a reception from 6:30 until 8 p.m. in the Clark Room at Town Hall to honor all participants in the election.

This is a wonderful opportunity for residents to come in and meet the newly elected town officials and other committee members. The new officials will be sworn in at this time. Please join us for refreshments in celebration of all their hard work.

Charlene M. Hinton, Town Clerk
East Street

Old Home Day needs donations

To the Editor:

Carlisle ... we've got a problem - Old Home Day is now only seven weeks away and we are still considerably short of the $5,000 in funds needed to make it. Many of you have no doubt made a mental note to give as you have in the past ... but so far just 23 people have gotten back to that thought with a donation.

Each year we push on with the hope that you will all come through for this special day but this year we are further behind than we've ever been. The committee has to make a go / no-go decision in just three short weeks at our next meeting. At this point however, without your help we just cannot go forward.

Puhhhlease help us. Any amount is appreciated. Give just a dollar for every family member. Give $12 or more and we'll send you the documentary video of last year's bicentennial Old Home Day.

Give what you can so we can have our Old Home Day again this year.

Dave and Florence Reed
2006 OHD Chairpersons
Page Brook Road

I'm voting for Chad Koski

To the Editor:

I watched the debate for School Committee between Chad Koski and Lori Tucker presented by the LWV (thank you LWV and CCTV) with great interest. Both candidates appear to be qualified — but that's to be expected in Carlisle. I am voting for Chad Koski and I'd like to encourage others to vote for him as well.

The School Board faces a number of critical issues that teachers, parents, and school administrators feel strongly about. We need committee members that are intelligent, capable, diplomatic, and without a personal agenda. They will need to listen actively, reason fairly, weigh all sides, and treat everyone's opinions and concerns with respect.

I've known Chad Koski for most of the 12 years I've lived in Carlisle and worked closely with him in a number of ways. We were Cub Scout leaders and baseball coaches together for several years. We also worked together on the 6th Grade Spaghetti Supper. In each of these situations, Chad was supportive, diplomatic and exceedingly even-tempered. I've seen first hand his problem-solving skills in challenging settings and been impressed by his creativity and ability to work with groups of disparate personalities. In every situation, Chad put in the time and effort needed to make the project a success — always with a focus on the common good.

I'm voting for Chad Koski because all my experiences with Chad reinforce my belief that he would bring necessary skill, talent and diplomacy to the school board and be a benefit to the Carlisle school system and the community.

Phil Herman
Rutland Street

Vote Tucker for School Committee

To the Editor:

Let me tell you why I am one of the many people who encouraged Lori Tucker to run for School Committee and whole-heartedly endorse her candidacy.

I've known Lori since she moved to Carlisle, and she has always been passionate about education, the school system and the welfare of our children. For years Lori has been talking to teachers, administrators, parents, and members of the community who could add to her base of knowledge. She is the person I (and many others) go to and ask questions or seek advice about school related issues. Lori is well-informed, and having three children of varying ages, has often gone through a similar situation or knows someone who has.

Since my daughter entered kindergarten this fall, four administrators have resigned, and the food service director was fired. The first person I asked about it was Lori. She

had some information but had more questions. I saw what she went through to find answers. As a former prosecutor she knows how to ask questions. She was persistent. She made phone calls, set up meetings with the administration, attended School Committee meetings and sent e-mails that went unanswered. Most people would have given up, but Lori didn't. Her commitment and passion are evident.

Many of us told her to run for School Committee, so that in the future when people are searching for answers, they won't have such a difficult time. The town needs her, and she will work hard. Her opinions are based on thoughtful research. Not only does she ask questions, but she listens. She empathizes. She sees the big picture. She approaches topics from different angles and seeks results that can satisfy all involved parties. She wants our children to be safe and to succeed.

I know that if Lori Tucker is elected to School Committee, I will not wonder if there is a question that should have been asked or a side that should be looked at. We need Lori to help our town during this time of change. Please join me, and vote for Lori Tucker for School Committee.

Larissa Shyjan
Davis Road

Same-sex marriage and the state legislature

To the Editor:

Last fall, a grassroots coalition headed by collected a record-breaking 170,000 certified signatures for the Marriage Protection Amendment. This signature drive is the most successful signature drive in the history of Massachusetts. Twice as many signatures were collected and certified as required by law in order to go before the legislature for a vote.

In spite of this mandate, securing the right for the citizens to decide on marriage is an uphill struggle because House Speaker DiMasi and Senate President Travaglini are both beholden to the powerful gay lobby. Speaker DiMasi was quoted by State House News Service urging lawmakers to make sure gay marriage "never, ever appears as a question on the ballot."

When I attended the public hearing on the Marriage Amendment on April 11, I heard one argument over and over from the gay lobby: "This issue is too important to let the voters decide." Massachusetts citizens have a right to vote on marriage, the same as in every other state.

Since 1999, citizens have repeatedly put this issue before the legislature, and the legislature has repeatedly ignored the will of the people. Perhaps the most egregious example occurred in 2002, when 130,000 signatures — more than twice the required number — were painstakingly gathered in a citizens' petition for the Protection of Marriage Amendment.

Arrogantly dismissing both the people and the state Constitution, Tom Birmingham gaveled the session open and shut without discussion or vote on the petition. Even some members who opposed the ballot question, such as Jay Kaufman (D-15th Middlesex), were dismayed at the tactics used to kill it: "For those of us who believe in an open democratic process, this was not a comfortable vote." Senator Cheryl Jacques (D- portions of Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex Counties), conceded that her victory may not have been pretty. But she said, "I'll take a victory on this, any way I can get it."

Our elected officials hold a public trust and a sacred responsibility to represent the voters. People want to vote on the marriage issue. Let the people vote.

Madeleine Prendergast
Stearns Street

Vote for Koski for School Committee

To the Editor:

I would like to recommend that voters strongly consider Chad Koski for School Committee. I have worked with Chad over the last ten years in Scouts, youth sports and school activities. He brings a dedication to everything he does, is a good listener to all sides of an issue, is non-confrontational in his approach to problem-solving and has high educational standards for all children. He has experience as a parent with both Carlisle Public School and the Concord-Carlisle High School and is well-versed in regular and special education issues. We agree that there should be more collaboration between our schools for better continuity of programs and for solving our math curriculum issues. Having experience in both schools makes him invaluable for the job.

Carlisle Public School is undergoing some significant changes right now. Although we will miss the staff that has been with us for a long time, change can be good. Chad knows firsthand our schools' strengths, and is also interested in embracing new ideas and people. Please vote for him for School Committee.

Tricia Reed
Russell Street

Something is broken

To the Editor:

As an observer of the events happening in our school system and as a long-time manager of software developers here are a few comments. First, something is seriously broken. Given the number of administrative resignations, the School Committee should immediately start an in-depth investigation into the causes. Our educational professionals are the school. Without them nothing works. On top of this, the taxpayers of this town need full disclosure of what is happening. We are not going to get full disclosure from departing employees because, as professionals, they will not burn bridges as they leave. It is up to the School Committee to investigate the situation and create an open forum to discuss the issues.

Maybe it is time for an anonymous survey of all school personnel. My company does this every year and uses the results to work to improve management and organizational performance. Also the results are summarized and given to everyone. Full disclosure and transparency leads to an improving organization. Lastly I believe it is time to get people involved in the School Committee who understand the challenges, are willing to ask tough questions and who believe there is always room for improvement. After living in Carlisle for over 13 years, I believe the current situation is not acceptable and serious investigations and changes need to occur. Lori Tucker is my choice for School Committee because she has a track record of collaborating with various groups to solve difficult problems and is committed to the improvement of Carlisle schools.

Keith Therrien
Berry Corner Lane

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