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Friday, May 5, 2006


Faculty Follies: Teachers on (Thin) Ice

Rehearsing and obviously having lots of fun are, first row, David Condon on trumpet, Christopher Ting on sax, Social Studies teacher Dr. Robert Furey; second row, Michael Mandrioli on guitar, John Eldridge on piano, Foreign Language teacher Eric Pohl, and Carlisle resident Walter Woodward on clarinet. (Photo by Lois d'Annunzio)


"Teachers on (Thin) Ice" is an hilarious take-off on how to run Concord-Carlisle High School like a business. Playwright and math teacher Peter Atlas contends, "We have much to sell!" There's a much sought-after "CCHS Rank Book" that can be bought for an outrageous price. Come find out why it's so expensive and why you'll be willing to spend so much to get it. The 2006 Faculty Follies show will be presented one night only, Saturday, May 6, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $15. The Parents Association will hold a reception in the cafeteria after the play.

The play was written by four teachers at the high school, and Atlas says, "We make fun, with love, about everything in the school, things that students do, teachers, parents, the administration and the Regional School Committee. We even make fun of the state, with a little less love." This year's production has a 50-page script. Although Atlas is the primary writer, many other teachers contributed, including David Nurenberg, Vicky Moskowitz, Andrei Joseph, Eric Rivera, Jere Mead and Ethan Hoblitzelle. Brian Mahony is responsible for high-tech special effects. Forty-six people, who will be in the audience, have parts. Atlas predicts, "It should run like a well-oiled slick, but we never really know what's going to happen." He recommends the show for high school students and older, as "Younger kids won't get the jokes."

Four songs have been written for the show. Some are familiar, well-known songs, but the lyrics have been changed, as is the case in "This is Our High School." Guidance Counselor Allison Furey will sing a song based on the movie Nine to Five with Dolly Parton. Another song is "Meet the Mandate" sung by Robert Furey of the Social Studies Department. "The Dyan Canon" will have its World Premiere, written by the artful Alan Fauxelle, the composer's pen name, and played by the "diminished quartet," which is really a trio.

A number of students will be helping out with the production. Carlisle's Keith Lewis is the sound director, and Walter Woodward will play the ukulele and the tenor saxophone. Kate Swanson created the posters for the play, and Abbie Rolando is on the lighting crew.

This event is a Concord-Carlisle Teachers Association fundraiser. The first Faculty Follies play was written in 1995 and was followed by productions in 1997 and 1999. Atlas has been the playwright for each of them and says, "The plays are full of gags." He used to direct musicals at the high school and ran the drama club. Previous Faculty Follies shows were "Academe Awards: Awards for Questionable Methods in Lower Education" and "A Farewell to the Queen" in honor of retiring principal Elaine DiCicco. Social Studies teacher Ben Kendall shared writing credits with Atlas for "A Farewell to the Queen."

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