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Friday, April 28, 2006


Linda Stapp, Carlisle Public School Director of Student Support Services, has accepted a position in the Winchester school system, according to her April 14 e-mail to the school community. "The last 13 years have been the most rewarding of my professional career and Carlisle will always hold a special place in my memory and in my heart," Stapp said. ...more

With gasoline near $3 a gallon, and a new Carlisle home selling for around $1.5 million, the price tag for the Carlisle School's proposed building project should hardly come as a surprise. One option for constructing a new three-story building next to the Corey Building is estimated to cost $65.8 million. A second option for a smaller building connecting the ...more

Nearly 70% of Carlisle's annual expenditures go to support its three schools: the Carlisle Public Elementary and Middle Schools (CPS), Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS), and Minuteman Regional High School (MMRHS). As in past years, operating expenses are rising faster than annual tax limits set by Proposition 2-1/2. ...more

Article 27 (Wireless Bylaw Revision) takes up 25% of the pages of the Annual Town Meeting Warrant. Many of the proposed revisions are stylistic changes, for example, replacing "personal wireless service facilities" with "Personal Wireless Service Facilities." Several extraneous definitions, including "channel," "clustering," ...more

On Wednesday afternoon the Recreation Commission (RecCom) opened five bids for the construction of new recreation facilities on the Banta- Davis Land off Bedford Road. The low bid was submitted by Greenacres Landscape of Wakefield with a price of $1,333,000 for the basic project. A 10% contingency allowance will be added for a cost estimate of $1,466,300. ...more

Article 13 and Ballot Question 4 - Fire Truck

This Debt Exclusion, not to exceed $500,000, for a Fire Truck for the Fire Department is contingent upon passage of Ballot Question 4. The new fire truck is part of the department's long range plan and will replace the current Engine #4, which was purchased in 1981. Old Engine #4 is beginning to rust and lacks many of the safety features found in the new model, ...more

Article 10 - Capital Equipment

The Long-Term Capital Requirements Committee, with approval of the Board of Selectmen, is recommending $225,010 in capital items to be funded within the no-override budget. They include a routine purchase of fire department protective clothing for $6,000 and a police cruiser for $29,000. This article would also fund replacement of 20% of the computers at the ...more

Mike Fitzgerald of the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) presented the details of the $1.2M debt exclusion for the purposes of repair and renovation of the Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) at the April 25 meeting of the Board of Selectmen. Because Carlisle students make up under 1/3 of the enrollment, Carlisle's share of the bill would be ...more

Sixth- and seventh-grade middle school teaching teams will be significantly restructured for the next school year. Carlisle School Principal Stephen Goodwin explained the current sixth-grade team will lose one teacher and the seventh-grade team will gain a teacher. The eighth-grade team structure of four core teachers will remain the same. ...more

In what turned out to be a trial run for what they may face at Town Meeting, the Finance Committee (FinCom) answered pointed questions from several of about 15 attendees to their April 24 public forum on the Town Warrant. Surprised Chair Thornton Ash apologized that he hadn't prepared a formal presentation, explaining, "This is the first time anybody's ...more

Carlisle residents are being asked to create a new legal entity, a Carlisle Affordable Housing Trust Fund to help create and preserve housing for low and moderate income households. An Affordable Housing Trust is expected to help Carlisle reach the state-mandated goal that 10% of our housing stock meet affordability criteria. Once money is transferred to the ...more

Article 26 contains several motions for transferring Community Preservation Act funds collected through a 2% surtax on property and matched 100% by the state. The collected funds must be allocated each year to funds for specific purposes: 10% to community housing, 10% to historic preservation, and 10% to open space. The rest can be kept in an undesignated ...more

136 and 138 East Street Common Driveway Special Permit. At its April 24 meeting the Carlisle Planning Board reviewed a revised as-built plan for 136 and 138 East Street. The applicant is Theodore Treibick. George Mansfield, board administrator was asked to request clarification of several items — a retaining wall represented ...more

Article 6 is a vote to pass the FY07 levy-limit budget. By state law, the levy limit is set by increasing the tax base by 2 -1/2% and adding in taxes anticipated from new real estate growth, state aid, and other sources of revenue. Additional revenue can be raised by passing an override (see Article 9). ...more

Turtle Crossing.The Conservation Commission is purchasing two signs for the dirt road at Foss Farm to make visitors aware of the nearby turtle habitat. Last year, an adult painted turtle was hit and killed by a car. ...more

Last month, the Concord resident who opposed surveillance cameras at the high school talked about his concerns at the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) meeting. Principal Art Dulong, who was not present at that meeting, responded to those concerns at the April 11 RSC meeting, "I was very specific about where I wanted cameras to be placed. ...more

Selectmen FinCom ...more

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