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Friday, April 28, 2006


Summary of Warrant Articles

Selectmen FinCom

Article Article Summary Vote Vote

1 Town Reports This article accepts the 2005 Town Report. No other reports are scheduled. Recommends No action

2 FY06 budget transfers This article transfers $110,413 to the FY06 Reserve Fund from unexpended funds and from Delayed No action

Free Cash. It also transfers $36,265 to FY06 Long Term Debt from FY06 Insurance and

Benefits — Group Insurance.

3 FY06 Chapter 90 funds Authorizes the Selectmen to borrow an additional $160,000 for FY06 road work. Under Recommends Recommends

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90, the state will reimburse the Town.

4 FY06 CCHS Supplement This Article will not be moved.

5 Salaries of elected officials Moderator $50; Town Clerk $48,128 ($46,500 in FY06), Elected Assessors $100. Recommends Recommends

6 Operating budget, FY07 This Article appropriates $20,203,731 for the operation and debt service of the town in FY07, Recommends Recommends

as shown in tables on pages 6-12 in the Warrant book. Article 6 offers the balanced budget,

resulting in a tax increase of 1% compared to FY06.

7 Stabilization account transfer $14,948 will be transferred from the Stabilization Fund to repay a portion of principal and Recommends Recommends

interest on debt service for the Robbins-Hutchins Fields (formerly Wang-Coombs Land)

purchased by the town.

8 Housing Coordinator/ Authorizes $50,000 to fund a new employee. Recommends Recommends

Asst. to Town Administrator

9 Increased funding for Schools This Proposition 2-1/2 override of $150,766 will provide additional an additional $75,766 Recommends Recommends

for the operation of the Concord-Carlisle High School.This budget level was approved by the

Concord Town Meeting. It also provides $75,000 for the Carlisle Public School.

The override must also be approved at the town election on May 9.

10 Capital equipment Funds are requested for capital equipment and improvements for town departments and the Recommends Recommends

Carlisle Public School (page 14 in Warrant book) totaling $225,010, which is included in

the balanced budget.

11 CCHS improvements This article authorizes CCHS to borrow $1,200,000 for repairs and renovations . Recommends Recommends

debt exclusion Carlisle's portion is $325,000 and requires approval of ballot question 2 at town election.

12 Carlisle School boiler Depending on the estimate, $350,000 to $400,000 will be requested to replace the boiler Delayed Delayed

debt exclusion at the Carlisle Public Schools. Requires approval of question 3 at town election.

13 Fire Truck Authorizes the Selectmen to borrow up to $500,000 to purchase a new fire truck. Recommends Recommends

debt exclusion This also requires passage of ballot question 4 at town election.

14 Fire Dept. Cisterns Authorizes up to $200,000 to purchase and install two cisterns. Recommends Recommends

debt exclusion This requires passage of question 5 at town election.

15 Banta Davis Rec Facilities Appropriates approximately $1,466,000 to construct playing fields and tennis courts on the Delayed Delayed

debt exclusion Banta Davis Land. This requires passage of ballot question 6 at town election.

16 Transfer free cash Will transfer a sum up to $271,046 from the town's free cash to cover appropriations for FY07. Delayed Delayed

17 Department revolving funds Town boards receive a variety of fees which are deposited in special revolving accounts, which must Recommends Recommends

be authorized annually. The sources, uses and spending limits of the funds are on page16 of the

Warrant book.

18 Chapter 90 This article enables the town to spend $160,720 for the improvement of Carlisle roads in Recommends Recommends

anticipation of reimbursement by the state.

19 Senior tax exemption Allows the town to grant a tax exemption to qualifying senior citizens. Recommends Recommends

Reauthorization is needed each year, for this tax exemption that protects qualifying

citizens from 100% of real estate tax increases up to a maximum of $2,000.

20 CCTV Contract Authorizes the Selectmen to extend the contract with CCTV to October 13, 2011. Recommends No action

21 Emergency Access Gives an easement for an access road to a wireless communication facility Recommends No action

22 Pathway Easements This Article will not be moved.

23 Wilkins Lane Accepts Wilkins Lane as a town way. Recommends No action

24 Inter-Municipal aid Authorizes the Selectmen to enter into an inter-municipal agreement to provide public health aid. Recommends No action

25 Affordable Housing Trust Authorizes the Selectmen to establish the Carlisle Affordable Housing Trust for the creation and Recommends Recommends

preservation of affordable housing.

26 CPA authorization This Article will include six motions:

Motion 1 Will transfer sums from FY07 CPA estimated revenues to accounts for: historic preservation Recommends Delayed

($60,007) , open space ($0), and community housing ($60,007). CPA funds will also be allocated

to pay for Benfield Land Parcel A principal ($124,000), debt service interest ($59,400) as well as

administrative expenses ($15,000), and $281,657 will be appropriated for the FY07

Community Preservation Budgeted Reserve.

Motion 2 Appropriates $20,000 from the Community Preservation (CPA) Undesignated Fund Recommends Delayed

for the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail.

Motion 3 Appropriates $41,000 from the CPA Historic Reserve Fund for an historical survey. Recommends Delayed

Motion 4 Appropriates $90,000 from the CPA Community Housing Reserve Fund for the Recommends Delayed

Affordable Accessory Apartments program.

Motion 5 Appropriates $50,000 from the CPA Community Housing Reserve Fund for the Carlisle Affordable Recommends Delayed

Housing Trust (or for the Housing Authority if Article 25 does not pass).

Motion 6 Appropriates $200,000 from the CPA Undesignated Fund balance to create two additional Recommends Delayed

units of affordable housing in the Coventry Woods development.

27 Wireless Bylaw Revisions Allows more flexible siting of wireless communication facilities. See page 19-28 of the Warrant. Recommends No action

28 Apartment Bylaw Revisions Defines affordable accessory apartments, to be administered by the Carlisle Housing Authority. Recommends No action

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