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Friday, April 28, 2006


Shorts from the ConsCom, April 13

Turtle Crossing.The Conservation Commission is purchasing two signs for the dirt road at Foss Farm to make visitors aware of the nearby turtle habitat. Last year, an adult painted turtle was hit and killed by a car.

Carlisle Trails Committee. Louise Hara from the Carlisle Trails Committee said they want to install a 50-foot boardwalk over the drainage ditch along an existing trail using four concrete bumper supports and ACQ pressure-treated lumber. (ACQ, or Alkaline-Copper-Quaternary lumber has replaced pressure-treated lumber used previously that contained the toxin arsenic, which leached into the environment over time.) No dirt will be moved in the boardwalk construction process; only bumpers and boards will be installed. The ConsCom approved the request.

157 Koning Farm Road, Lot 4 of subdivision. Lemonias Development appeared in accordance with their Notice of Intent to construct portions of a single family dwelling — retaining walls, private well installation and associated grading — within the 100-foot buffer zone of a bordering vegetated wetland. Their updated plan describes that a portion of the driveway and a portion of the house would be built in the buffer zone. They worked with the landowner to rework the lots so that the home position could be moved away from the buffer zones. There was a significant effort to rework lots 4 and 5 so the impact to the buffer zone would be minimized. The board commented that the applicant was in "good shape" and asked that the property be re-flagged. They also asked the applicant to return to the board with a construction sequence.

845 Maple Street. The hearing for the sewage system upgrade was continued because the project did not have a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) number. The homeowner, Dorothy Milne, was asked to return once this number was obtained.

Old Morse Road. Plans to wrap up the repair of the dilapidated culvert are underway. Heavy fall rains was mentioned as one of the causes for the repair delay. Currently, an excavated channel exists that prevents hikers from walking across. The wetland is low and there is some water flowing in the channel. Unsuccessful efforts were made to reach Gary Davis, though board members commented that he is currently sweeping streets. The board will attempt to get a status of the project and inform the Carlisle Trails Committee.

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