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Friday, April 28, 2006


Shorts from the Planning Board, April 24

136 and 138 East Street Common Driveway Special Permit. At its April 24 meeting the Carlisle Planning Board reviewed a revised as-built plan for 136 and 138 East Street. The applicant is Theodore Treibick. George Mansfield, board administrator was asked to request clarification of several items — a retaining wall represented on the original plan approved by the board but absent on the as-built plan, and paving details at a utility pole that will be removed at the street end of the common driveway. A follow-up site visit by the board's consulting engineer (LandTech) will be required.

83 and 97 McAllister Drive ANR Plans (Approval Not Required). A plan for two lots on McAllister Drive with Karen L. Andon as applicant was "not accepted for filing" because it was "incomplete and inaccurate." Several typographical errors were noted as well as the absence of necessary information, including dimensions for setbacks from lot lines and representation of turn-offs for other lots served by the common driveway. Board administrator George Mansfield was directed to call these deficiencies to the attention of Stamski and McNary, the engineering firm responsible for the plan.

Executive session. Two topics were to be discussed in executive session — both involving litigation issues. In a pending litigation regarding property on Berry Corner Lane (Map 7, Parcel 29) the board is defendant with Valchuis, et al. as plaintiff. No further detail is available.

An ongoing litigation regarding the Maplewood subdivision (Koning Farm Road) off Acton Street appears to be moving to a conclusion. On April 19 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Land Court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, Janet Sacks and Martin Schafer. The defendants include Planning Board members and Robert and Mary Lou Koning. The ownership of a narrow wedge of land at the boundary of the subdivision has been in contention. The court has scheduled a status conference call on May 3 "to discuss how this case will proceed given the findings and rulings."

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