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Friday, April 28, 2006

Let's talk about the issues

To the Editor:

Three letters endorsing two different School Committee candidates (April 14). None of the letters say anything about issues, endorsed curriculum, or what the endorsed candidate might do if elected. Very sad. Very scary.

Mike Hanauer
Long Ridge Road

Vote for Tucker for School Committee

To the Editor:

I have been attending the meetings of the Carlisle School Committee for the last year now, and I have learned a lot about the problems and issues that the committee has to deal with. Were it not for the fact that I am a foreign citizen, I would have liked to run for School Committee myself; my "resident alien" status saved me from pursuing such a brave and foolhardy course of action!

Over the last months, I have had the pleasure of seeing more parents come to attend the committee meetings and I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Lori Tucker (Goldberg.) Lori, a former prosecutor and lawyer with detailed knowledge of educational law, brings with her a keen mind, the ability to ask tough questions, yet also an open mind and the willingness to listen and learn. i have observed her growing from a parent with concerns on a few issues to someone who looks at the entire picture and adjusts her positions accordingly. While the willingness to volunteer and serve on the School Committee is admirable all by itself, I believe that Lori's background, character, and prior interest in the work of the School Committee make her a uniquely qualified candidate.

While my legal status does not allow me to cast a vote in her favor, I would still like to ask you to cast yours in support of Lori Tucker for School Committee.

Alex Krapf
Ice Pond Road

Tucker explains why she is running

To the Editor:

During the course of campaigning, I have had the opportunity to meet many people in the town who I would not ordinarily encounter. It has been very enjoyable and eye-opening to hear the differing viewpoints. However, one of the realities of running for office is hearing what is being said about you, both the positive and the negative. It has been brought to my attention that some people are questioning my motives for running for School Committee. It is being stated that I am only running for office because I have a "hidden" agenda regarding my special-needs child.

I want to clearly state exactly what my "agenda" for running for School Committee is: To maintain the excellence our schools are known and admired for; to help prevent any further resignations of valuable administrators and faculty; to give our teachers and staff at the school the support they need and deserve; and to make sure that every child at the school has a curriculum that is appropriate for them, whether they be special needs children, average children or gifted children.

I have three children. One has special needs and the other two are typical children with different levels of intelligence. My three children and their varying needs give me the unique perspective of being able to see how our school's curriculum impacts children of all abilities. I view this as a plus because it will allow me to be an effective advocate for all of the children in our community, not just one particular segment.

I appreciate people taking the time to read this letter, and I hope that everyone will vote on May 9th. Thank you.

Lori Tucker (Goldberg)
East Riding Drive

Chad Koski for School Committee

To the Editor:

I am writing to urge you to vote for Chad Koski for School Committee. I have known Chad for many years, as I had the pleasure of teaching two of his four children in second grade. The Koski children are a real testament to the wonderful parenting and dedication to family by both Chad and his wife Lisa. With our school in the current state of transition, Chad's positive manner and strong team ethic would be a much needed uniting force. He is a very open and fair-minded individual with a willingness to see all sides of a problem. This would be invaluable as he works to balance the needs of the school with those of the community. He has a proven record of commitment, time and energy, and dedication to our community and school through all of his volunteer efforts, and as a result, he has a strong understanding of the issues. Most of all, I feel Chad would be a positive proponent for our schools and a wonderful advocate for our children.

Linda Clark
Carlisle Pines Drive

[Ed note: Clark taught for many years at the Carlisle Public School.]

Help make Massachusetts history

To the Editor:

The state's Judiciary Committee is considering three bills that will help protect children from sexual abuse and enable victims to hold their abuser accountable. Two of the bills would eliminate the present statute of limitations laws that give victims only three to 15 years to take criminal or civil action against their abuser. These laws are unjust and out-dated because the traumatic effects of childhood sexual abuse prevent a victim from dealing with it well into adulthood — typically 30 to 40 years later. The present laws victimize the victim again and protect the predators from being exposed and brought to justice.

The Judiciary Committee is expected to report these bills out for all the Legislators to vote on in two weeks or let them die in the Committee. For these bills to become law, many people must call, e-mail or write their Legislators (Cory Atkins 1-617-722-2013) and tell them they want these bills passed. Also Speaker Di Masi (1-617-722-2500) and President Travaglini (1-617-722-1500) need to know that the citizens want these bills made law. This can be easily done and take about only five minutes by going to and click on your selection.

Protection and justice is presently being denied to children and victims of childhood sexual abuse. Injustice is allowed to exist when good people fail to act. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, please act A.S.A.P.

Angelo De Benedictis
Carleton Road

Thank you for Rory's memorial

To the Editor:

On a recent spring evening, we drove to the Banta-Davis Field to look at the newly constructed exercise park which was given in memory of our son, Rory.

Rory died in September 1984 while completing a cross-country run which was a daily event in his life. We would like publicly to express our gratitude for the efforts and contributions of many friends and townspeople who generously gave to the original project. There were no records kept of all who donated, as much was collected by Rory's classmates going door to door.

About two years ago, Austin Reed asked if we were agreeable to having the park moved as part of an Eagle Scout project. The original site was just above the Church Street playground. The new location is adjacent to the track at the Banta-Davis Field.

We were very pleased to discover the nearly completed new park with Rory's memory plaque in place. We wish to express our deep appreciation and thanks to Austin, who started the project, to Tim Galligan and Troop 135 who have continued the effort, and the Recreation Department under the direction of Cindy Nock who have brought this project to completion.

Together Carlisle has created a lovely memorial for Rory. Our children, Nigel and Amy, and grandchildren, and many others will visit with understanding and appreciation — and enjoy the benefits of the exercise park.

Martha and Geoffrey Bentley
Autumn Lane

An urban legend

To the Editor:

I understand that the rumor about cell phone numbers being released to telemarketers, and that one should call 1-888-382-1222 to avoid sales calls is another e-mail hoax. See: and for a detailed discussion of this hoax.

We periodically get these "panic e-mails" from our friends with dire warnings about one thing or another, including the request that we pass the warning on to others. and: are good places to check these things out before forwarding them. Heaven knows we have enough real things to worry about.

The Mosquito is great. Keep up the good work.

Dave Keast
Westford Street

Tucker for School Committee

To the Editor:

Even before her nomination, I have felt that Lori Tucker (Goldberg) is the right person for this position. Watching the League of Women Voters debate has reinforced that belief. I strongly suggest that everyone voting view this on channel 9; it has been running daily.

With the recent resignations at the school of most of the school administration (Principal, Vice Principal, Business Manager and the Director of Student Support Services) as well as the firing of the Director of Food Services, it is evident that Carlisle needs someone who is committed and knowledgeable. Lori has gone to countless School Committee meetings to find out what the issues are. She asks well-thought-out questions that should be answered. She stands for excellence in education for all of our children, yet wants to do it within a reasonable budget. She believes that the teachers should be listened to and supported when factoring in the needs of the school. They are on the front line.

Clearly, Lori has the time, desire and knowledge to fulfill the obligations of the position. She will devote herself completely. She may not have the most signs posted in town, but she has the right qualities to fill the position.

Please join me in voting for Lori for School Committee on May 9 at the Town Hall.

Wendy Solomon
Hutchins Road

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