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Friday, April 14, 2006


As the first three months of the 2006 real estate season close, a confused market is reflected in brokers' comments. "I think the market is very positive," says Phyllis Cohen of Barrett and Company. "I'm optimistic." "It's been a disappointing spring market" says Coldwell Banker's Laura Baliestiero. "Sellers' expectations ...more

For cookbook author Terry Golson of Stearns Street, it was the chickens that came first, and now it is her eggs. She has raised chickens for the past ten years. Her first chicken came from a neighbor when she and her family were living on Sunset Road. "That chicken needed a friend," says Golson, "so we got a couple of chickens at the 4-H Fair ...more

April is the cruellest month, breeding ...more

Last Saturday, the stage was set at the First Religious Society for an extraordinary evening. Participants in this open ritual found themselves flung from century to century, immersed in intense emotion, tempered with intellectual fire. Techniques passed down from master to student for generations revealed themselves in ever-increasing clarity and brilliance. ...more

In this day of celebrity icons, look- alike make-overs, and pop stars, I began to wonder who the female role models were in the long ago dark ages of my early impressionable youth and that of my peers. I am talking about the '40s and '50s. We did have movie stars and singers, but they and their life styles were not considered role models. ...more

It's not unusual to live in town for years without seeing some areas, especially parts of the 900-acre State Park. The Tophet Loop trail is an area of the park used mostly by local families as it circles behind two neighborhoods. It etches the interior of Tophet Swamp wrapping over low hills and a boardwalk over a brook. ...more

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