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Friday, April 14, 2006


NEW PERSPECTIVES. Left to right: "Principal" Will Parra, with Marie Doyle and "Superintendent" Sam Isaacs, meet with Wendell Sykes and the rest of the School Committee on April 5. (Photo by Cynthia Sorn)

Students lead school for a day

Starting the April 5 Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting off on a light note, Superintendent Marie Doyle introduced fourth-grader Sam Isaacs, the "Superintendent for a Day." Sam's parents had bought the prestigious position for him at the CEF/CSA Auction. He had seriously sought the opportunity, and had offered his savings to aid his parents' bidding. Wearing a blue blazer, Sam introduced fourth-grader Will Parra, his "Principal," who was attired similarly. Sam and Will had "shadowed" Doyle during the day and were attending the meeting as their last task. "They visited classrooms today," Doyle said, "and also attended the School Building Committee meeting."

Both students, while extremely attentive, clearly found concentrating at the meeting to be hungry work. "Could you pass the Oreos?" asked Will, as CSC member Christy Barbee began her School Building Committee report.

Asked to comment on his ideas about the needs of the school, Sam, eating an Oreo, explained, "I thought we need pretty much a bigger everything."

When the fourth graders visit their first-grade "buddies," Sam explained, "It's totally squished" due to the small size of the classrooms. "And Mrs. Dayson here," he continued, referring to Art Teacher Rachel Dayson who was attending the meeting as part of the Fine Arts Presentation, "she could have less of a closet and more of a classroom and could have some windows." Complaining about the steps in the music room, he said, "We also love to dance, and it's hard to dance in there. Once I forgot there were stairs" and almost fell.

"I want to talk about the safety issues at recess," said Will. "It's too dangerous having the plaza all pavement because people fall down." Also he noted the Castle is a problem "with all the wood" because of splinters. He said he lost a tooth on the Castle, but it turned out fine because of the cash he received for the tooth. Sam and Will were invited to the next School Building Committee meeting and Sam carefully wrote down the date.

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