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Friday, April 14, 2006


Carlisle School Committee prepares Superintendent evaluation

At the April 5 meeting of the Carlisle School Committee (CSC), Chair David Dockterman reminded committee members he needed evaluations of Superintendent Marie Doyle returned by April 27 in order to have the report ready by May 3. Doyle invited members of the committee to visit the school during the evaluation process.

Townspeople showed greater interest in the review process than during most previous years, perhaps in part due to the recent high turnover among members of the school administration. The Principal and Assistant Principal resigned in February, the Food Service Director was fired in February, and the School Business Manager resigned this week (view the article in this issue.)

The Carlisle Teacher's Association has sent a letter detailing their reflections on the administration, said Dockterman. When asked if the letter would be public, Dockterman said it would not be, and any other communications received regarding Doyle's evaluation would be kept private as well.

During the portion of the meeting reserved for audience comments, several questions were raised about the evaluation process. Dockterman explained there were specific "rubrics" the CSC uses to evaluate the Superintendent. They also review her written goals for the past school year. The committee was asked if members have been in contact with the teachers to see "how they are feeling." Doyle responded that she "meets with the CTA Vice-President and President once a week" to keep up with the concerns of the teachers.

From the audience, Lori Tucker, candidate for the CSC, asked how the "decision will be made on renewing Marie's contract." Alex Krapf wanted to know how parents can provide input into the review process, and another parent asked if there was a form teachers used to evaluate Doyle. While saying he welcomes positive or negative comments, CSC member Wendell Sykes said, "I keep hearing that people think we don't know what is going on, but we do."

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