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Friday, April 14, 2006


Shorts from the BOH, April 11

8 Lowell Road (Ferns). The Board of Health (BOH) said that Ferns owner Larry Bearfield must first go to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) with his proposed plans for new construction and change of use to determine whether his current septic system will support the new project. The new construction would include a middle building to fit between the existing store and garage, which would contain a new wine and beer business.

Proposed plans include a café/lounge with seating for 25 people and expanded deli and kitchen within the current store space. Bearfield said the seating would be for deli takeout customers, and he stressed that there would be no grill or table service.

Farmers' Market. In anticipation of the summer season, Gale Constable and Annette and John Lee of the Farmers' Market held on Bedford Road appeared before the BOH for guidance on the possible licensing of the market this year. The board determined that the market would not be required to apply for a license because the foods sold there are exempt from the state food code.

311 Elizabeth Ridge. Bill Morgan asked the board to review plans to finish the basement at his home. At issue was whether the expansion would increase the room count of the house to 10, thereby requiring a septic upgrade. The board determined that the expansion would not increase flow to the current system. The project consists of finishing the basement as a playroom. There will be no additional bedrooms or bathrooms.

610 Bedford Road. Chris Spriano appeared before the BOH to request a building permit for an addition to his home before the septic permit has been issued. Spriano's reason for requesting the permits in reverse order has to do with a delay in percolation testing due to the high water table at the site that he prefers. Board members determined that the applicant must have an approved septic design before they can issue a building permit.

56 Page Brook Road. This hearing was a continuation of one held on March 21 when the board was asked to consider two variances for a septic system on a lot owned by Richard Buck on 56 Page Brook Road. At issue was the possibility that a ponded area on the property might qualify as a vernal pool habitat, as stated in a letter from the Conservation Commission (ConsCom). Board members agreed to put off making a decision until they hear from ConsCom.

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