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Friday, April 14, 2006

Support Tucker for School Committee

To the Editor:

Lori Tucker moved to Carlisle with her family for the same reasons my family and I did: the strong school system and the close community. Lori presently has three children in the school and has a vested interest in the school continuing its high level of standards for all of our children.

I've known Lori for several years. We've had countless conversations about the curriculum, recent change of school administration and the growth of our town. I have attended School Committee meetings and other forums at the school with her. Not only is she present at these meetings but is an active participant. I have been impressed by her determination, persistence, dedication and knowledge of the issues. She is always interested in how decisions will impact everyone in our community and not just particular groups.

Lori has put a successful legal career on hold to raise her children and can use her past experience to make a positive contribution to both the school and the Carlisle community as a whole. She is willing to devote her time and energy to this one committee which entails attending bimonthly meetings as well as attending subcommittee meetings.

I have always known Lori as being a hard worker, acting fairly and being passionate about what she believes in. I know she would make a strong and valuable addition to the current School Committee. I invite you to view the League of Women Voters debate on Channel 9 to witness her knowledge and dedication personally. The program is currently running daily.

Ihope you will join me in voting for Lori Tucker on Tuesday, May 9.

Scott Brazina
Rutland Street

Vote for Koski for School Committee

To the Editor:

This year in Carlisle we are blessed to have two qualified people willing to donate their time and effort in running for the Carlisle School Committee. I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why I nominated Chad Koski for this important position.

I have lived in Carlisle since 1991 and have known Chad Koski for most of those years through school, coaching and church activities. A tireless volunteer, he shows the best qualities we could hope for in a School Committee member. He has shown himself to always be thoughtful and diplomatic while also managing the challenges in front of him. He always maintains a respect for others and brings a positive attitude to all that he does.

I would contend that the School Committee faces serious challenges over the next few years. Chad Koski is the kind of person I believe will bring a sense of balance and respect to all involved yet also be up to the task of helping us address both the known challenges and those that are not yet known. Please join me in supporting Chad Koski for School Committee.

J. Kevin McNamara
Estabrook Road

Vote Tucker for School Committee

To the Editor:

Please take a few minutes to read why Lori Tucker has my endorsement to be a member of the School Committee. Lori has a strong moral character and an unflinching desire to maintain our high academic standards. She has thoroughly researched many of the issues facing not only our school, but the future of the educational system in general. Lori has shown her commitment by attending many meetings and following-up with parents who have questions. Additionally, she knows the value of the community supporting its school and faculty. Currently, many budgetary and administrative issues face our school. With this in mind, she is willing to ask the tough questions. Lori will ensure a proper solution is reached and implemented. Carlisle residents would find Lori to be an approachable representative — one who will listen to their concerns and take action when necessary. She will make a strong addition to School Committee. Please join me in voting for Lori Tucker on May 9.

Linda Tonies
Carriage Way

Another perspective on sharing the road

To the Editor:

As a member of the Charles River Wheelmen, a bicycling club, I have learned of Carlisle's recent "road sharing" debate. It appears that drivers have become impatient with bicyclists. Admittedly, my knowledge of the situation has been one-sided, as I have gleaned it from comments on a club e-mail list.

My unusual perspective on this debate comes from experience: I am both a cyclist and a former licensed driver. I am a former licensed driver because I experienced a moment of "driver's hubris" in August 2002. This led me to enter an intersection, going through a misperceived gap in a line of motorcycles. A motorcyclist struck the rear of my car, flipped, and died from his injuries.

No cyclist I know wants to die because an impatient driver will gain two or three minutes in the rush home, or to work, or to the grocery store. No cyclist wants to be blamed when the impatient motorist collides with another car or a pedestrian as a result of hasty passing. All responsible cyclists make way for automobiles as well and as quickly as they can under the circumstances of the moment. Every cyclist knows that a bicycle frame is not protection against an automobile. The motorist will likely be physically unharmed in a collision.

This does not mean that a driver who injures or kills a cyclist will have no injury. I know how the driver who kills will be injured. I have paid for my own hubris with deep personal guilt and depression. My mistake took a life. I presume that no motorist in Carlisle wants to live with lifelong guilt out of a moment's impatient hubris.

Guilt has not been my only cost. My negligence put me on the "wrong side of the bar." I pled guilty to motor vehicle homicide in October 2003, receiving a suspended jail sentence. I accepted a civil judgment against me for the loss of life in 2004. I accepted a six-month suspension of my license to practice law commencing in late June 2005, and have only recently returned to practice. As noted, I may no longer drive, and am working to carve out a law practice that does not require a personal automobile.

These are the kinds of costs you can expect if your impatient, prideful carelessness costs a life because you would not drive patiently behind a bicyclist.

Gregory P. Lee, Attorney at Law
North Attleborough

It's thumbs up for Main Street's Market and Café

To the Editor:

Taking a hint from Ms. Parker's review, we made reservations for Saturday evening. [See Joan Parker's review of the Main Street's Market and Café in the April 7 issue of the Mosquito.] Fearing that the entertainment might overwhelm the meal, we opted for a table in the rear. As it turned out we need not have feared for the entertainment was subdued, but if you invite talkative friends you might seek out the rear. We started with a 14 Hands Chardonnay from Washington. It was as described as having essences of apples and pears and a buttery finish. We would order it again. Before the starters came we were served focaccia bread accompanied by a dish of olive oil poured over shredded cheese. It was very good. For starters Jan had the chowder of the day which was corn. It was thick and creamy and served with corn bread. It might have been a meal in itself. I tried the Mango Salsa Bites. They were outstanding: mango salsa served in a bean taco cup which was as light as phyllo dough. Jan ordered the veal chop which was the special; I opted for the haddock. Jan got the veal chop and was extremely pleased. I got salmon. The waiter checked the wrong box. Rather than wait for the haddock, I took the salmon. It was very good. It was served with snap peas (delicious) and some rice with a zesty sauce. You can keep the rice; it was dry and ordinary. We skipped dessert. With appetizers, entrees, wine and tip the meal came to approximately $110. That is in the range that you would spend at Serafina or the Walden Grill. Would we return? Yes.

Tom Raftery
Concord Street

Thank you, Carlisle

To the Editor:

A big thank you to all who participated in the Mosquito Trash Party this past Saturday. The day was cool and raw, but community enthusiasm prevailed. How wonderfully visually rewarding this type of down-and-dirty work is to the town. Participants included individuals of all ages and families as well as Brownies, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

Sincere thanks also go to Ferns Country Store for providing the coffee for the morning, Gary Davis and Frank of the DPW for providing the safety cones and signs, and to Dan and Oliver Bojanic, Ned Berube, Nancy West and family and Bob and Joanna Orlando for volunteering trucks and trailers for bag pick up and delivery to the transfer station.

Because life is so busy for everyone, it is great that so many folks get involved in this activity which greatly benefits the community.

Lynne Carpenito
South Street

[Ed note: Carpenito is on the Board of Carlisle Communications Inc., and organized this year's Trash Party]

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