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Friday, April 14, 2006

HAVING A BALL. The Carlisle School girls basketball team and faculty face off at the annual scholarship fundraiser on Tuesday night. Teachers (in gray, left to right) are: Vanessa Marr, Erica Molvig and Kim Meade. Arlene Nardone is in the background. Students are: #10 - Lauren Tierney, #13 - Lindsey Verrill, #4 - Monica Diercks, #23 (on the floor) - Julia Lesses, and partly hidden behind Vanessa Marr is Victoria Isenstein. The middle school boys basketball team also played a game against male faculty members. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)
At the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) meeting April 6, Selectman Doug Stevenson presented a proposal for transferring $200,000 from Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds as a payment to the Coventry Woods developer, Mark O'Hagan, to make two units affordable in addition to the ten affordable and 31 market rate units he now plans to build. The abutters ...more

This April vacation, a $6,000 grant from the Carlisle Education Foundation (CEF) is enabling four teachers to visit homes and schools in China, along with other Massachusetts educators in a trip organized by Primary Source, Inc. of Watertown, Mass. ...more

Carlisle used to be a place where we left our doors and cars open all the time. That was then. Now we are told we should lock the front door while we are gardening in back, perform criminal checks on parent volunteers, lock down the school, and be vigilant for computer viruses, unattended packages, and identity thieves. Has Carlisle really changed? Has population ...more

Explaining that he was not leaving "for the sake of leaving," Steven Moore, Business Manager for the Carlisle School announced he will leave at the end of the current school year to accept a new position as Executive Director for Finance and Administration with the Randolph Public Schools. In an e-mail sent to the school faculty and staff on April ...more

March with the Minutemen on Patriots Day
     Recreate history: on Monday, April 17, muster on the Town Green as the church bells ring out the alarm that the British are coming. March down the old road to Concord with the Carlisle Minutemen, gathering above the North Bridge on Buttrick hillside with Minutemen companies from other towns to meet the British advancing across the bridge.
     The schedule of events on Monday morning is as follows:

6:45 Ringing of the Alarm.
6:55 Flag raising.
7:00 Ceremony at Minuteman Monument with short narration of events of this day in history.
7:15 Begin march to Concord.
8:00 Stop at cellar hole; short speech; Minutemen fire volley in honor of Jim Davis.
8:30 End of trail; issue ribbons; re-form troop for march to Buttrick.
9:00 Arrive at Buttrick.
9:30 Join parade on Buttrick hill.
11:30 Conclude at Hunt Gym in Concord.
The Mosquito will not publish on April 21
Remember Town Meeting on Monday, May 1
and Town Election on Tuesday, May 9

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