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Friday, April 14, 2006


Wolf Rock (Sketch by Joan Allen)

Sketches of Carlisle

It's not unusual to live in town for years without seeing some areas, especially parts of the 900-acre State Park. The Tophet Loop trail is an area of the park used mostly by local families as it circles behind two neighborhoods. It etches the interior of Tophet Swamp wrapping over low hills and a boardwalk over a brook.

The wild swamp is a place for deer, coyotes, owls, fishers, and creatures seen and unseen living there or traveling through. Close to the trail is Wolf Rock, a place many families find for the first time during a third-grade town project. Glaciers left the cave-like boulders behind as they receded ages ago.

The miles of trails at Great Brook are close by, yet far from life's daily concerns that plague us. People walk, run, or ride a mountain bike, and feel the seasons, the reassuring rhythms of earth.

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