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Friday, April 7, 2006


If you are a Comcast cable subscriber, you have probably surfed around the channels — 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Wait, what's that on Channel 8? A Selectmen's meeting? Oh, but it's Concord Selectmen, so you move on in search of news, sports or an old movie. But now, channels 8 and 9 are becoming destinations for Carlisle residents because programs of town-wide ...more

"How much is it worth?" You may regard an item passed down from a deceased grandparent, a great-aunt, or a parent as "priceless." Nonetheless, you may wonder what that vase may really be worth on the antiques market or for insurance purposes a couple hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars, or even more? ...more

"Your old-world meeting place" is the first line on the menu and, judging from the crowd on two occasions, that was true. The place was packed in the middle of the day and everyone from tourists to Concord and Carlisle folks seemed to be there for lunch or a snack. ...more

The first time I saw a demonstration of how to divide a perennial, I was utterly amazed. How could such cruel and heartless abuse of a plant lead to any happy ending? Used to planting tender baby annual plants which require such careful handling (one crushed stem and it's a goner for sure), I could not imagine that a mature perennial plant could endure this ...more

Name: The Mourning Cloak butterfly is Nymphalis antiopa, a member of the Nymphalidae family or brush-footed butterflies. Members of this family are also called four-footed butterflies because even though they have six legs like all insects, the front two legs are very small, useless for walking, and held so close to the body that you get the appearance ...more

Stephanie Mundel, (pictured left,) joined 14 other Carlisle middle school students at Union Hall last Wednesday, March 29, in a program called "Extreme Art." ...more

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