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Friday, April 7, 2006


Shorts from the Historical Commission, March 28

Chair Larry Sorli welcomed two new members appointed by the Selectmen, Geoffrey Freeman and Duncan Grant, and alternate Larry Bearfield.

· Study of historical properties. Consultant Anne Forbes has completed Phase One of a survey of historical properties in Carlisle. Funding by the Community Preservation Act for a full, two-phase survey was approved by Town Meeting last year.

· Paint at 93 Lowell Street. In a continuation of a previous hearing, Dale Ryder brought paint samples for her house and barn. They were approved by the commission, with the understanding that Ryder might choose to repaint using the former color, yellow, for which further approval is unnecessary.

· Upgrading at Ferns. Bearfield recused himself from the board to appear on behalf of Ferns Country Store in Carlisle center. This was a continuation of a hearing held last May on upgrading the Bedford Road side of Ferns. Bearfield showed drawings and plans for landscaping, stone walls, a pathway that would tie in with the pathway project, a patio and a water feature, all with the stated goal of upgrading the look of the building. The brick patio would hold tables and chairs for customers and the water feature in one corner would give "some ambience."

The water feature sparked questions from the commission and several observers. Bearfield asserted that it would not be visible from Bedford Road, but the commissioners asked to see a rendering of the area from the road, which was not available.

Further discussion centered on Bearfield's plan to offer commemorative bricks for sale. Proceeds would fund part of the building project with the rest to be donated to a yet-to-be-established fund for the town center. Although the Historical Commission has no jurisdiction over the appearance of the bricks bearing donors' names, since they would not be visible from the public way, members were concerned that Bearfield's entire project might depend on this type of fundraising.

Bearfield was asked to return to the board on April 25 with elevation drawings that will address the commission's concerns over current drawings that inaccurately represent the grade and elevation of that corner of the property. He was also asked to present a rendering of the water feature from Bedford Road.

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