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Friday, April 7, 2006


Carlisle School names interim Food Service Manager

Susan Robichaud has been hired as the Interim Food Service Manager for the Corey Dining Room at the Carlisle School. Robichaud, who had been working as an aide in the school library, applied for the position after the previous manager, Dennis Dockham, was fired last winter (see "Carlisle School Director of Food Services arrested," Feb. 10, 2005). "The Hiring Committee recommended it," said Carlisle School Business Manager Steven Moore. Robichaud will work as the interim manager until the end of the school year, and if it appears the match is good, explained Moore, she will come back in September as the permanent manager. "All the cafeteria ladies support this recommendation," explained Moore. "She has shown her ability and she really wanted to do it."

Robichaud, who applied for the same position last year after Joyce Lagadinos retired, recently obtained her sanitation certificates. Since Dockham was fired, she has been helping out in the dining room with cooking to help the short-handed dining room staff. Moore also took a turn as cook, and revealed he has worked in the past as a chef and food manager.

Part of Robichaud's compensation will cover professional training, Moore said. The school has hired Susan Palefsky to conduct a series of training classes with Robichaud. Palefsky, the former Food Service Manager for the Norwood and Winchester Schools, is expected to spend April 5 at the school to observe the operation in the dining room and kitchen, Moore said. Robichaud and Palefsky will meet over April vacation to review state requirements such as record keeping, state nutritional requirements, and time management. Robichaud will also receive training from Moore. "She has already signed up to take courses," he said. "She has a strong commitment to making this work."

"We really want Susan to succeed," Moore explained. "If we didn't think she could succeed, we wouldn't offer professional development."

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