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Friday, March 31, 2006


After many interviews, site visits and input from parents and staff, two principals for the Carlisle School have been chosen, Superintendent Marie Doyle announced last Wednesday, March 29. Patrice Hurley has accepted the position of Elementary School Principal and Paul Graseck the Middle School Principal. "I am delighted to announce they have accepted," ...more

Part two of the public hearing of the Recreation Commission (RecCom) plans for developing additional recreational facilities on the Banta-Davis Land off Bedford Road was reviewed at the Board of Selectmen's meeting on March 28. The plan calls for the construction of one multi-purpose field, two Little League fields and four tennis courts as reported in the ...more

The Conservation Commission held a public hearing on March 23 to air their intent to double filing fees for applicants who undertake construction or other ground-altering activities within the 100-foot buffer zone of a wetland, without first submitting the required paperwork. Chairman Tom Schultz emphasized that the changes were not to be viewed as 'fines" ...more

You may not be interested in buying the Brooklyn Bridge, but there are an array of other options available in the mail, over the phone and through e-mail. These are the deals that seem too good to be true and prove to be just that. However, caution, prudence and just plain old-fashioned common sense can thwart fraud. ...more

At a well-attended public hearing March 23, the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) accepted the first official document to emerge from the permanent Land Stewardship Committee (LSC), namely a Land Management Plan for the Fox Hill Conservation Land. The twelve-member LSC is made up of volunteers who were sworn in last December as a quasi-independent subcommittee, ...more

The rare blue-spotted salamander continues to hold up progress on the Benfield Land, a parcel currently under review for an affordable housing development, while the Carlisle Housing Authority (CHA) waits for appropriate mitigation recommendations from the Department of Natural Resources. At their March 22 meeting the CHA concentrated on fine-tuning housing-related ...more

"We definitely do protect our fields," says RecCom field scheduler Terri Hoffman. "If we had more fields, maybe we could take some risks." Hoffman was responding to a letter to the Mosquito submitted by Dan Gray of Acton Street on March 17. Gray was annoyed that he and his son and daughter had been ejected from a dry Banta-Davis field where ...more

On Friday morning, March 24, Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) performed a lock-down drill. The procedure entailed shutting shades, turning off lights, closing doors and getting out of view of the windows. Students were asked to get below the windows in their classrooms. Teachers had been given a red and a green card as part of the drill. If the situation ...more

Interviews are underway for a band teacher to replace retiring Carlisle teacher Tom O'Halloran. Superintendent Marie Doyle explained the process began with "a committee comprised of teachers, parents and me that met with nine applicants." O'Halloran and music teacher Megan Fitzharris, middle school art teacher Courtney Graham-Hadley, Director of ...more

752 Lowell Street. The Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) approved plans to replace a failed septic system at the property of Glen and Patricia Williams on 752 Lowell Street. The board also reviewed and approved a Title 5 variance for the use of alternative percolation testing, due to the fact that the ground water on the property is ...more

The widely anticipated kickoff CCTV broadcast of the March 28 meeting of the Carlisle Board of Selectmen turned out to be a disappointment as the equipment failed to operate. The evening began with high hopes for a new entry into the Comcast Channel 8 local television lineup. TV operators Paul Falcone of Lexington and Cindy Nock of Carlisle posed in front ...more

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