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Friday, March 31, 2006


Paul Falcone of Lexington and Cindy Nock were ready to televise the Selectmen's meeting on March 28. Equipment problems prevented broadcast of the video signal over Channel 8. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

CCTV Kickoff Broadcast

The widely anticipated kickoff CCTV broadcast of the March 28 meeting of the Carlisle Board of Selectmen turned out to be a disappointment as the equipment failed to operate. The evening began with high hopes for a new entry into the Comcast Channel 8 local television lineup. TV operators Paul Falcone of Lexington and Cindy Nock of Carlisle posed in front of the flickering control console as Mosquito photographer Ellen Huber snapped their smiling faces. Board of Selectmen chair Doug Stevenson had written introductory statements for the Selectmen's first viewing audience. The huge town seal was mounted on the wall behind the seated Selectmen to show the TV world that Carlisle had arrived. Beneath the head table was a rat's nest of cables and connectors used to support an array of six microphones for the five Selectmen and the Town Administrator. Three TV cameras had been discretely mounted in the ceiling of the Clark Room and all that remained was the call for lights, camera, action ...

It never happened. After fiddling with the controls and switches for over an hour, Falcone turned off the operator's console and went home. The Selectmen were left to face blind cameras and talk into dead microphones for the duration of the meeting. The only consolation, according to one wag in the audience, was a substantial improvement in the dress code of the board members.

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