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Friday, March 31, 2006


Shorts from the Board of Health, March 21 meeting

752 Lowell Street. The Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) approved plans to replace a failed septic system at the property of Glen and Patricia Williams on 752 Lowell Street. The board also reviewed and approved a Title 5 variance for the use of alternative percolation testing, due to the fact that the ground water on the property is too high and a standard percolation test cannot be performed. This alternative testing involves taking a soil sample from the site and sending it to the state lab for testing.

652 Lowell Street. The board approved a state Title 5 variance and a local waiver for a septic system replacement on the property of Laurietta Crombie at 652 Lowell Street. The applicant, represented by engineer Jeffrey Hannaford, sought a Title 5 variance to the setback distance from the soil absorption system to wetlands (50 feet required with 45 feet provided) and a local waiver from the required separation distance from the system, septic tank and pump chamber to wetlands (100 feet required with 26 feet provided). Hannaford explained that the proposed location of the septic system was chosen because of other limitations of the property, including ledge and a man-made ditch that has become an intermittent stream over time. He also maintained that while located within the 100-foot setback, the new system will be a "dramatic improvement over the existing system and will protect the resources of concern in this area."

145 South Street. The BOH resumed a public hearing on a proposed Innovative/Alternative (IA) Technology System to replace a failed system on the property of Richard Bissell at 145 South Street (see "BOH eyes new technology for septic system repair," March 10). The hearing was continued from February 28 so that board consulting engineer Rob Frado could review the IA system manufactured by Presby Enviro which engineer David Schofield has proposed for the property. The board granted all requested local waivers and Title 5 variances.

845 Maple Street. Board members approved plans for a septic system replacement at the property of Dorothy Milne at 845 Maple Street. Included in the board's consideration were requests for local waivers to reduce the setback distances required between the system and Bordering Vegetated Wetlands (BVW). A 100-foot setback is required, but approximately 38 feet are provided. Engineer Rick Harrington explained that in order to comply with this regulation the homeowner would have to tear up an existing floor and ceiling in a finished basement, install a sewage ejector pump system and move a stone retaining wall. He said that the proposed multi-compartment septic tank and pump chamber is in compliance with Title 5 setbacks. "We believe the same level of environmental protection will be provided with this proposed system," Harrington added, "since the tanks will be watertight and the soil absorption system will be moved further away from the BVW."

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