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Friday, March 31, 2006


Lockdown drilled at CCHS

On Friday morning, March 24, Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) performed a lock-down drill. The procedure entailed shutting shades, turning off lights, closing doors and getting out of view of the windows. Students were asked to get below the windows in their classrooms. Teachers had been given a red and a green card as part of the drill. If the situation in the classroom was normal, they would slide the green card under their door; otherwise they were to signal with the red card.

The Concord Police have talked to the Regional School Committee about doing a lockdown drill over the past year, as part of preparing for varied emergency scenarios.

CCHS Principal Art Dulong described the drill in an e-mail to parents: "Since this was a drill, each administrator accompanied a police officer or team through a section of the building to verify that protocols were followed." He said this was the first time the school had practiced this type of emergency response, which took about 17 minutes to complete. He explained that a lockdown would be used in certain emergency situations, while evacuation of the building or school grounds would be used in others. Dulong said the goal was "to try to place students and staff in the safest possible place for the given situation."

The Fox Lane Middle School of Bedford had a real lockdown on February 17.

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