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Friday, March 31, 2006


RecCom responds to field complaint

"We definitely do protect our fields," says RecCom field scheduler Terri Hoffman. "If we had more fields, maybe we could take some risks." Hoffman was responding to a letter to the Mosquito submitted by Dan Gray of Acton Street on March 17. Gray was annoyed that he and his son and daughter had been ejected from a dry Banta-Davis field where they were playing catch. Apparently, they were in violation of a "keep off until April" rule meant to prevent damage to wet fields. Wrote Gray in his letter, "While I fully understand the need for rules, I am also aware that reasonable circumstances should dictate a suspension of the rules."

"It's a tough situation," responds Hoffman. "I know it seems strict, but we've taken the stance that you either let everyone on or you don't let anyone." The only exception is Carlisle Middle School sports which the RecCom can't control. Although the policy may seem over-cautious, thoughtless users can cause damage. Hoffman notes last year golfers on Banta-Davis left numerous divits on a playing field.

Hoffman says there is more and more demand for fields, and a very limited supply. Although the practice-to-game ratio recommended for young players is two-to-one, it is impossible to schedule practices at anything close to that. This year Concord-Carlisle Youth Lacrosse asked for use of the fields and, "I could give them only two nights. We're in such desperate need." She adds, "If we were down one field (due to damage), we'd be in serious trouble."

Hoffman notes that the fields typically open the third week in April. However, this year the spring was especially dry, and the RecCom anticipates opening the fields on April 8, "the earliest ever."

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