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Friday, March 31, 2006


ConsCom doubles fees for late filings

The Conservation Commission held a public hearing on March 23 to air their intent to double filing fees for applicants who undertake construction or other ground-altering activities within the 100-foot buffer zone of a wetland, without first submitting the required paperwork. Chairman Tom Schultz emphasized that the changes were not to be viewed as 'fines" but rather as an effort to recoup the added costs associated with late filings. The fee hike is permitted under the Carlisle Wetland Protection Bylaw that authorizes the commission to adopt fees to compensate the town for the time and expense incurred to process filings.

The proposed amendment to the fee schedule states, "It has been found to be time consuming and costly to the commission and its staff to bring these unapproved activities to the application stage." Some of the added costs cited include preparation and issuance of Enforcement Orders, scheduling and conducting site visits, procuring plans from other departments, consulting the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) etc.

In the absence of any public comments, the changes in fees were adopted as follows:

• Request for Determination — Current $50, Adopted $100

• Abbreviated Notice of Intent — Current $50, Adopted $100

• Notice of Intent for work on existing family lot — Current $110, Adopted $220

• Notice of Intent for work on undeveloped lot — Current $275, Adopted $550

• Amended Notice of Intent — Current $50, Adopted $100

In the brief regular meeting that followed the hearing, the commission sought to untangle a situation in which an original Order of Conditions to build a garage had expired. Not only was the work incomplete, but Willard reported that the site was unstable. Homeowner Emmanual Crespo of Cross Street stated that no further excavation was involved, but admitted that some work was needed to hold soil near the wetland in place.

The commission agreed to issue an Order of Compliance on the original filing, if Crespo filed a new Notice of Intent and completed the project within six months.

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