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Friday, March 24, 2006


Haley and Steele's Julien Tavener may face larceny charges

Boston Police will probably file criminal complaints for larceny against former Carlisle resident and owner of the Haley and Steele Art Gallery Julien Tavener, it was reported on and in the March 18 Boston Globe. Tavener, a native Briton, his wife and three children had lived on Wildwood Drive for nine years before moving back to England unexpectedly last March.

Police Sgt. Thomas Sexton is quoted on TheBostonChannel, "The lead detective from District 4 in the South End continues to work with victims that are continuing to come forward. He has between a dozen and two dozen that have made themselves known. He will be filing complaints, criminal complaints for larceny in this case." He added, "The Boson Police Department will go forward with the criminal process of bringing the complaints forward to the clerk magistrate at the Boston Municipal Court. We will seek every means that we can to bring this individual back to Boston to face justice."

The Haley and Steele Art Gallery, located on Newbury Street in Boston, had been in business for a century. Tavener had opened a branch gallery at 1 River Road in Carlisle in September, 2004 (see "Haley and Steele Gallery faces troubled times," April 1, 2005 Mosquito.)

According to the Globe, a number of customers have filed civil suits against Tavener and Haley and Steele. Tavener denied he had profitted personally from any business problems, and told the Globe he would be willing to return to face any charges in Boston.

The Globe described how, after Haley and Steele closed, Century Bank took possession of 12,000 works of art at the gallery. "During the past year, a court-appointed master has returned about 200 of the items to individuals who were able to document that they owned the pieces, but had turned them over to the gallery for consignment sale, refinishing, or framing." Eventually, remaining pieces will be sold at auction to pay Haley and Steele's debts.

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