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Friday, March 24, 2006


CCHS girls excel in winter sports


Junior Hope MacLeod (center) and freshman Kelsey Bradley (right) compete in the first-ever CCHS Girls Varsity Hockey Team. (Photo by Linda Fabrizio)
No one knew what to expect from the first-ever CCHS Girls Varsity Hockey Team. With a record of 10-8-2, the girls surpassed their season goal and qualified for the State Tournament. From annihilating CC rivals, such as Acton-Boxborough, to practicing at the crack of dawn, the team set a standard for nothing less than exceptional effort. The Patriots' achievements could not have been possible without the crucial contribution of the five Carlisle players.

Sophomore Shannon Mahoney was the leading scorer in the Dual County League, with a grand total of 51 points. While Mahoney was any goalie's worst enemy, according to Coach McCaffrey, she also knew what it meant to play as a team.

Freshman Kelsey Bradley was another offender for CC, known for her consistency and excellent "off the puck" contributions. As an assistant captain, junior Marissa Fabrizio was an essential leader and player, able to play both offensive and defensive positions. Despite having no previous hockey experience, juniors Kathleen Walsh and Hope MacLeod were key members of the team. Walsh's determination and optimistic attitude left a positive impact upon the team as a whole. Through hard work and commitment to the sport, MacLeod improved immensely and ultimately established herself as a starter.

With such a strong foundation, the team will undoubtedly continue to grow and improve. Now, through girls youth hockey programs, there is an avenue to the high school varsity team available to younger athletes. The future for the CCHS Girls Varsity Team holds great promise for success.

CCHS junior Leigh Davis competes in cross-country skiing for the Patriots team. (Photo by Anderson Photo)


This year the CCHS Girls Varsity Cross-Country Ski Team upheld their long-lasting reputation as the Dual County League powerhouse. Placing first in the league and second at the State Championship meet, the season was a tremendous success. Although the team was down in numbers, the athletes' efforts never ceased. Senior captain Cassi Knight has been an incredible force on the ski team for the past four seasons. This year Knight placed second in the league and was recognized as a Boston Globe All-Scholastic. Her extraordinary talent will be sorely missed in the seasons to come. Despite facing back problems, junior Leigh Davis was another crucial contributor for the Patriots this year. Theresa Fritz-Endres, currently a freshman, was a solid junior varsity racer who will be a key racer next year. While the team will be losing many adept seniors, the slew of talented returning racers and upcoming athletes will sustain the renowned strength of the program.


With divers placing first, second, third, and seventh at the Division 2 State Championship meet, the success of the CCHS Girls' Diving Team cannot be overstated. The combined score of the Girls' Swimming and Diving Team placed the Patriots fourth at states; of the total score, half of the points were earned by the divers. Coach Bird considers this year's superstar to be Carlisle senior Irene Dennison. Diving since her freshman year, Dennison has shown steady improvement. She went out with a bang, qualifying for sectionals and placing seventh at the state championship meet, where she made her best performance ever.

Junior Sarah Landry, the reigning state champ, had another phenomenal season. Winning nearly every competition and placing second in the state, Landry will be an absolutely crucial diver on the team next year. Excellent diving is clearly a talent that runs in the Landry family, as Sarah's younger sister Rachel, a freshman at CC, is also a very capable diver. Coach Bird has big hopes for Rachel, who is a hard worker with an exemplary attitude. The CC girls are all truly dedicated to both individual and team improvement. The exceptional skill and positive outlook of the returning divers will allow the team to even further improve and progress. Coach Bird feels "so lucky to have such talent."

Dual County League All-Star Lisa DeBruzzi makes a lay-up shot. (Photo by Anderson Photo)


This year's CCHS Girls Varsity Basketball team improved consistently throughout the season, growing especially strong during the second half. Their 7-13 season record should be well respected given the extremely competitive nature of the Dual County League. CC gave some of the best teams in the league, and the best teams in the state, a real run for their money. Teams who were expected to easily beat the Patriots were stunned by CC's competitiveness and left games with a newfound respect for their opponent. In one game, CC was leading rival Acton-Boxborough by eleven points. With only four minutes to go against Lincoln-Sudbury, the second place team in the state, CC was down by a mere six points. According to Coach Bodenrader, being able to compete with the top teams says a lot as to where CC is headed.

Carlisle juniors, Pami Anderson, Lisa DeBruzzi, and Liz Isenstein were essential players on this year's team. Captain Anderson was a solid player for the entire season despite missing a few games due to injury early in the season. She grew especially strong in the second half of the season with many key-moment baskets as well as crucial steals and deflections. According to Coach Bodenrader, DeBruzzi was perhaps the best defensive player in the league. Her excellent dribble penetration, tenacity, and speed were vital to the team's success. She was selected as a First Team Dual County League All-Star. Although Isenstein's ankle injury precluded her from playing for the majority of the season, her dedication and work ethic left a positive impact on the team's character. The three Carlisle players will provide a strong backbone to next year's team. As always, Coach Bodenrader will go into the season with hopes of being the best. Given the intensity and perseverance with which CC competed this year, his goal for the team is by no means unrealistic.


The CCHS Girls Fencing Team's topnotch finish comes as no surprise to the reigning state champs. This year, CC obliterated the competition at the State Championship meet once again, claiming first place in Saber, Epee, and Foil. Carlisle senior Ariel Morrison had a phenomenal season and earned herself the title of most improved fencer. On the team since a freshman, Morrison steadily grew as the seasons passed. According to Coach Klinkov, "You don't get a much better performance." The same pattern is expected from her sister Miranda, currently a freshman, who will be a key varsity Saber fencer next year. This season, senior Laura Scholten devoted extra time and effort as she switched weapons form Epee to Foil. Scholten's dedication to the sport made her a key starter. As a freshman, Amanda Peterson won the Epee individual title at the State Championship Meet. Peterson will clearly be an important member on the fencing team for her remaining three years. With such a deep team and talented incoming freshman, Coach Klinkov plans on nothing less than another undefeated season next year.


Completing the season with a 5-4 record in the Dual County League, a fifth- place finish at the league meet, and a fourth-place finish at the state meet makes this year one to remember for the CCHS Girls Swim Team. Not only was Carlisle senior Sanne Wortel a huge contributor this year, she has also been a key varsity swimmer since her freshman year. This season she qualified for sectionals in the 100-meter freestyle and was a member of the 400-meter freestyle relay at the sectional meet. A great all-around person and a very talented swimmer, Wortel will clearly be missed. Coach Moss will count on Carlisle junior Aubrey Doyle as well as sophomores Arley Donovan and Emily Holzman to be among the top athletes on the team next year. Although Doyle was sick for a good portion of this season and was not able to train consistently, she will most definitely be one of the top seniors in the upcoming season. According to Coach Moss, Donovan has enormous potential to become one of the top breaststrokers in the league. With sound mechanics and a great attitude, she will continue to be a valuable member on the CC team. This season, Holzman's work ethic and strength enabled her to excel in both the 200- and 500-meter races. Carlisle freshman Caroline Peterson holds promise in both the backstroke and the butterfly as she continues to work hard and gains more experience. Moss expects that next year will be a breakthrough year for all the Carlisle athletes.

Given the fact that the team is losing eleven incredibly talented seniors, next year will be a rebuilding year. The new pool at CCHS will hopefully give rise to more interest in the program and allow for more convenient practice times for the swimmers. Coach Moss wants the girls to have fun, continue to learn how to effectively train, and further develop their team dynamics and camaraderie.

Indoor Track

For the first time in over twenty years, Indoor Track was offered as a winter sport at CCHS. Despite the girls' record of 0-9, the season was filled with accomplishments. By developing strong chemistry and an excellent work ethic, this year's closely knit group of hard working girls built a solid foundation on which next year's team can build. Although there were only four Carlisle runners on the team, they certainly made a significant impact. Juniors Erin Sherwood and Tess Guttadauro brought the majority of the endurance to the distance team while freshman Amanda Caddell brought speed to the sprinting team. An adept hurdler, senior Elise Lehotsky was also a key runner. Next year, Coach Lane hopes to generate greater interest in the program to increase the depth of the team's contributions in each event. The team's positive attitude and the addition of new runners should bring a great deal of success to the upcoming season.

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