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Friday, March 24, 2006


Carlisle School close to making principal job offers

The Carlisle Public School is close to making offers for two new principals, with the offers pending the recommendations of the Principal Hiring Committee, which met again Monday night. Announcements of the new principals will be made after the job offers are accepted. According to Superintendent Marie Doyle, she and Director of Student Support Services Dr. Linda Stapp will make final hiring decisions based on the Hiring Committee's recommendations.

The committee looked at 45 applications and interviewed a dozen applicants since the beginning of March. After a second round of interviews, three people were chosen to meet the school community. Doyle said the hiring schedule is aggressive because several neighboring school systems, including Lincoln and Harvard, are also currently looking to fill principal positions.

Three principal candidates met with teachers, staff, and parents last week: Christine Price, the candidate for elementary school principal presented by the committee, and Paul Graseck and Patrice Hurley, both candidates for middle school principal.(See related articles at right, below, and on page 7.)

Parents were asked to send their questions to moderators before the public meetings. The meetings were intended to give the school community a chance to see and hear the applicants and to give people a stake in the principal selection process. The Hiring Committee handed out feedback sheets saying all individual comments would be reviewed.

At the School Committee meeting last week a parent questioned why some of the applicants presented do not have much experience at the principal level. Hiring Committee member Alex Krapf said the group agreed that the candidates selected were a good match to the culture of the school. The group also decided the candidates' strengths balanced any shortcomings they had in experience as a principal.

The school is looking for two principals — one for the elementary grades kindergarten to four, and another for the middle school grades five to eight. They will replace Principal Steve Goodwin and Assistant Principal Michael Giurlando, who had resigned in January, with their resignations effective at the end of the school year in June.

The Hiring Committee includes the Superintendent, Selectman and parent Bill Tice, Director of Student Support Services Linda Stapp, teachers Bill Gale, Liz Gray and Sue LaPorte, parent members Lauren Bakewell, Andi Gettys, Alex Krapf, Dale Ryder and Kris Tocci, and middle school students Tasha Bjork and Mairead Murphy.

Band Director interviews

Along with the principal interviews, the school is looking to replace Band Director Tom O'Halloran, who is retiring this year after 23 years with the school system. Three days of initial interviews were scheduled this week for a new Band Director.

Food Service Director search

After a recent ad in the Boston Globe for a new Food Service Director, the school has received 24 resumes to date but the Hiring Committee has no recommendations yet. The school has not yet found the right person, said School Business Manager Steve Moore, who is pitching in as cafeteria manager in the interim until a new hire is made.

Meanwhile, several school employees are also covering the cafeteria, including library aide Sue Robichaud, who is doing much of the cooking for the school lunch program. The Food Service Director hiring committee includes Moore, school nurse Kathy Horan, long-time cafeteria employee and resident Barbara Culkins, teacher Jen Lyons, and parents Liz Bishop and Sandy Nash.

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