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Friday, March 24, 2006

Tucker (Goldberg) announces run for School Committee

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for the School Committee. My name is Lori Tucker Goldberg, and I have lived in Carlisle for the last five years, along with my husband, Scott, and three sons. My children are ten, nine, and five, and all three attend the Carlisle Public Schools. I am an attorney, and prior to moving to Massachusetts, I was a prosecutor in southern Florida. Since moving to Carlisle, I have focused on special education law, which has enabled me to gain an understanding of the current federal and state education laws and guidelines by which our school is bound.

One of the primary reasons our family moved to Carlisle was for its excellent school system. As many of you know, the Carlisle Public Schools have undergone many changes in the last several years and will continue to do so in the upcoming months and years. We are in the process of hiring two new principals and other faculty members, modifying the school curriculum and preparing for structural changes to the school. While these changes are exciting and innovative, I firmly believe that we must ensure that the integrity of our school and its standards of excellence remain intact. As a member of the School Committee, maintaining these standards would be my primary focus.

Presently, I am an active participant at School Committee meetings, superintendent coffees and other various forums. I also seek out faculty members and administrators to solicit their views. As a School Committee member, I would continue these activities in earnest. Additionally, I would serve as a voice for all members of the Carlisle community, regardless of whether they have children at the school. I sincerely hope you will take these factors into consideration when casting your ballot for School Committee in May. Thank you for your attention.

Lori Tucker (Goldberg)
East Riding Drive

Sure we can find a way

To the Editor:

What a terrible hole would occur on the historical landscape of Carlisle should the Highland School be demolished. It is a beautifully proportioned and light-filled building, and for those of us who taught in its large rooms, it was a very special place.

The Highland has for 13 years provided studios for numerous artists who have made very good use of their spaces. Furthermore, the artists are willing to raise funds to preserve the building.

Many suggestions have been proposed for Highland School, but none will come to fruition if we do not save it. This town is capable of great things, and if we put our minds, our hands, and our resources to work, surely we can find a way to save this treasure for whatever its future role may be.

Wendy Davis
East Street

Savoyards thanked

To the Editor:

The Seventh grade play, "Once Upon a Mattress," was an exhilarating, rewarding, community effort. There are so many people who contributed to this experience for the kids and who should be recognized. One group is Carlisle's own Savoyard Light Opera Company, who most generously loaned us some of their sets.

Nora O'Donnell,
for the seventh-grade play
sets committee

Learn about safer lawn care

To the Editor:

Carlisle residents have a special opportunity this Saturday to learn about herbicides and other lawn chemicals that are harmful to our community, and how we can avoid them. The Carlisle Board of Health and the Environmental Action Committee of the First Religious Society are co-sponsoring with CPAG a talk by Chip Osborne, who will be speaking at 10 a.m. at Union Hall. He will discuss RoundUp and safer alternatives to this chemical which is now widely regarded as much more dangerous than its benign marketing image presented for years by Monsanto.

Come on Saturday and learn how we can all make Carlisle a healthier place to live, for ourselves, our children, pets, and for the wildlife, too. By reducing the use of pesticides (includes herbicides, insecticides, etc.) on our lawns, we will improve the quality of surface and ground water that could be contaminated by run-off of chemicals from lawns. Physician advocate groups all over the country and in Canada, backed by "gold standard" peer-reviewed scientific research, are pressuring legislatures to ban lawn chemicals for a reason — they are unsafe, especially for children, pets and for pregnant women.

Chip will engage you and teach you how to convert your lawn to be chemical-free, or you can direct your lawn care provider to safer practices. He will also describe how Marblehead transitioned the maintenance of town property to be completely chemical-free. Imagine athletic fields where children play, roll and fall on, that is naturally maintained — and beautiful, too. He'll tell of the challenges as well as the successes.

Come with your questions and learn about this important topic. Refreshments will be served.

Chris Chin
Westford Street
Carlisle Pesticide Awareness Group (CPAG)

Sharing the road

To the Editor:

My Sunday afternoon drive into Concord Center almost turned into tragedy. Less than two miles from my home, while driving down Lowell Road with my daughter, a car traveling towards Carlisle suddenly swerved entirely into my lane to avoid a bicyclist. Yes, there was screeching of tires. Yes, the other car almost hit the cyclist while swerving back into his lane. And yes, my daughter and I almost drove into someone's trees and stone wall in our attempt to avoid the oncoming head-on collision. It all happened so fast.

"Sharing the Road" signs obviously don't mean anything to some cyclists, who feel that they "own" the road. Thankfully, no one was hurt this time. Let's all take heed so that no one is a victim next time. And for the record, my family enjoys the beauty of Concord and Carlisle for cycling — but we "share the road" to ensure everyone's safety.

Carolyn Kiely
Hartwell Road

Many helped at successful Saint Patrick's Day Luncheon

To the Editor:

Smiles and shamrocks abounded last Saturday at the Saint Patrick's Luncheon sponsored by the Concord-Carlisle High School Class of 2006. It was a pleasure for the senior class to serve a hearty meal to our guests from the Carlisle and Concord Councils on Aging. We would like to extend our appreciation to Ms. Bonnie Hardy of the Concord Public School Food Service for preparing the delicious meal and to the CCHS Custodial staff for their generous donation of a lovely fresh flower arrangement as a door prize. Finally, thanks to the student and parent volunteers who helped plan and serve the luncheon and to the CCHS Select Chorus for providing the entertainment. Our hats are off to all who made the luncheon a success.

Tess Daigle
Monsen Road, Concord
Sandra Curran
Caterina Heights, Concord
Parent Volunteers, CCHS Class of 2006

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