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Friday, March 17, 2006


New England woodlands have evolved considerably over the last 40 years and so has my perspective on this natural resource. This is an attempt to summarize these changes. In the process I hope to convince you that active land stewardship is crucial to the health and continued regeneration of our woodlands. ...more

The landscape of Carlisle will be enhanced this summer when the memorial to late Selectman Vivian Chaput (Mosquito, January 20, 2006) takes its place on the Conant Land, behind Town Hall.. ...more

It was unseasonably warm last weekend and I thought I might find one of the snakes St.Patrick drove out of Ireland. I didn't — the earliest I've seen snakes in the past has been the last week of March — so I went to the Greenough Land and chose an evergreen with green in its name. ...more

Here in the Boston area, we have made the feast day of the patron saint of Ireland into a huge holiday with leprechauns, pots of gold, parades and green beer. In Ireland, it is a quiet day, barely observed as a feast day, and celebrated only for the tourists. Beer does not change color and is not refrigerated. There are no raucous political breakfasts, and ...more

Grade 12 High Honors

Benkley, Marie ...more

Music is in the air in Carlisle. Fresh, young voices will soon be raised in the seventh-grade play, hymns waft from churches on Sundays and Old Home Day bands will start feet tapping. But music in Carlisle has rarely taken center stage — until now. From now until Old Home Day, music will be a recurring theme in town, with an emphasis on early music. ...more

Sports Illustrated writer and Carlisle resident Ed Swift covered the Turin Olympics and posted the following memory of the Games on the Sports Illustrated Web site. It is printed here by permission of the author. ...more

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