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Friday, March 17, 2006

Rule for playing fields too stringent

To the Editor:

Spirited discussions are taking place about a perceived need for additional playing fields in Carlisle, a need that I tend to support. A vibrant and active community such as Carlisle requires sufficient open space designated for formal playing fields and casual pick-up games.

I have learned that Carlisle has a policy to "protect" the Banta-Davis and Spalding Fields by keeping people off the fields until mid-April. I fully support this policy as it pertains to the infield areas on baseball and softball diamonds. However, the open space of outfields and soccer fields is a different situation. When spring arrives early, common sense should prevail and citizens should be allowed to use the grass-covered areas of the fields.

On Saturday, my daughter, son, and I attempted to take advantage of the beautiful weather by going to Banta-Davis to begin our "spring training." We observed that the softball infield was wet and muddy, so we went into the dry outfield grass. The three of us began throwing, catching, and batting, when we were suddenly approached by a gentleman, presumably a member of RecCom or an employee of the building and grounds department. He informed us of Carlisle's aforementioned policy and requested that we leave (we did comply).

While I fully understand the need for rules, I am also aware that reasonable circumstances should dictate a suspension of the rules. Our activity on this wonderful pre-spring day would not have interfered with the preservation/maintenance of Banta-Davis. While the fields in Carlisle are manicured nicely, they are not comparable to Fenway Park being groomed for the upcoming season.

Later on Saturday we drove past Rideout Field in West Concord and observed at least 3 dozen people playing baseball (not on the infields), football, soccer, and having a great time. If Carlisle residents can not use Banta-Davis or Spalding, then where shall we go to partake in such activities?

Why should Carlisle residents consider funding additional fields when we are not allowed to fully utilize the fields we have? Perhaps the rule to stay completely off the fields until mid-April needs to become flexible to accommodate varying weather patterns.

Dan Gray
Acton Street

Donations sought for Chaput Memorial

To the Editor

The Carlisle memorial honoring Vivian Chaput is moving toward its completion and an Old Home Day dedication on July 1.

Located behind Town Hall at one of the entrances to the Conant Land, the outdoor memorial will be both extraordinary and unique. Created by nationally-known sculptor, Joe Wheelwright, the memorial's focus will be two carved rocks, and uncarved boulders sitting on a natural rock outcropping. The completed project will exemplify Vivian's artistic talents as a landscape designer, her commitment to Carlisle and dedication to service and her love of the natural environment.

Initiated by gifts in Vivian's memory to the Carlisle Conservation Foundation, this outdoor gathering space will be a place for contemplation, a natural classroom for environmental education, and a lasting tribute to the dedication and energy of Vivian Chaput and the spirit of volunteerism in Carlisle.

A group of Vivian's friends have taken up the challenge to raise the money to complete the project. An additional $4,000 is needed. We are grateful to the many individuals who have contributed to date and invite the community to donate the final funds for this wonderful gathering place that will have such long-term value to the community of Carlisle.

Please send your tax deductible contributions to: Vivian Chaput Memorial Fund c/o Larry Barton, Finance Director, Carlisle Town Hall, 66 Westford Street, Carlisle, MA 01741.

Deb Belanger
Pat Loring
Jay Luby
Marjie Findlay

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