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Friday, March 17, 2006


Sculptor carves out Chaput Memorial

The landscape of Carlisle will be enhanced this summer when the memorial to late Selectman Vivian Chaput (Mosquito, January 20, 2006) takes its place on the Conant Land, behind Town Hall..

Elements of the memorial include carved rocks, natural boulders and a rock outcropping. The unique carved rocks are the work of internationally-known sculptor Joe Wheelwright, who recently invited Ron Chaput, Jay Luby, Marjie Findlay, Midge Eliassen and Pat Loring — Friends of Vivian Chaput — to visit his Dorchester studio. Deb Belanger was unable to attend, but she remains active in the group.

Sculptor Joe Wheelwright works on one of the memorial stones, as Friends of Vivian Chaput look on. From left to right, Ron Chaput, Marjie Findlay, Jay Luby and Pat Loring. (Photo by Midge Eliassen)

The visitors admired one of the abstract stone carvings created by Wheelwright. Another such carving will be smaller and will complement the first. Wheelwright will embed these works (which he calls "stones") on the natural outcropping on the Conant Land and will assemble several natural boulders to complete the memorial.

Pat Loring describes Wheelwright's studio as a "large warehouse-type space. A row of skylights adds natural light to the interior, and a forklift moves the large, heavy pieces." A large industrial-size vacuum system removes the stone dust produced by power drills during the sculpting process. The studio also includes a large office and showroom with a few of Wheelwright's smaller pieces.

Joe Wheelwright, a Yale graduate, has been a sculptor for over 25 years, working with both large rocks and trees to create abstract works of art. His sculptures are on permanent display at the DeCordova Museum's Sculpture Garden in Lincoln. To see examples of his work, visit his web site at

According to Loring, the project is progressing on schedule, with a dedication planned for July 1 as part of Old Home Day.

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