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Friday, March 10, 2006


Shorts from the Board of Health February 28

683 East Street. John Delgado appeared before the Board of Health (BOH) February 28, to ask the board to re-issue a garbage grinder restriction for his property. In 2001 the BOH approved the demolition of Delgado's existing dwelling and the building of a new house in another location on his property. The board's approval included a contingency that Delgado complete and record a deed restriction not to install a garbage grinder in the new dwelling to ensure that flow to the existing septic system will not increase. Delgado neglected to file the restriction at that time and now must do so in order to receive an occupancy permit for the new dwelling that has been built. The BOH agreed to re-issue the variance.

Coventry Woods. Members of the Board of Health (BOH) agreed to send a letter to the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) recommending that the ZBA hire an outside geologist to evaluate the potential water supply at the proposed Coventry Woods development on Concord Street. The decision arose from concerns expressed by abutters that water usage by the project might affect the supply of water to neighborhood wells.

Town Caucus nominations. BOH chair Martha Bedrosian noted that the board is in need of volunteers to run for one one-year and one three-year term. The BOH is looking for people who have expertise in water resources, health, medical, legal and environmental issues.

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