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Friday, March 10, 2006


Shorts from the Planning Board, February 27

Greystone Crossing, Off Cross Street, Public Hearing. A substantial deed document was presented by attorney Richard Gallogly (Rackemann, Sawyer and Brewster) and developer William Costello. The board made progress in reviewing the document, including rights retained by the grantor (Costello) during the construction phase and easements provided by the grantor. They successfully maneuvered past the facts that town residents will be entitled to use the pedestrian path along Cross Street by virtue of a "trail easement" and they will have access to conservation land within the development over a trail by virtue of a "pedestrian easement." Covenants to be enforced by the homeowners' association posed a brief procedural dilemma for the board until consensus was reached that such covenants are not within the purview of the board, particularly since the homeowner's association can modify them. Included were such items as use of outdoor clotheslines, duration that a child's tent can remain, and parking of trucks on the property. Informally, the board did suggest revisiting the question of trucks — a pickup truck not being an uncommon family vehicle. The public hearing will be continued at the March 13 meeting.

Banta-Davis athletic facilities. John LaLiberté of the Carlisle Recreation Commission (RecCom) presented updated plans for Banta Davis Phase 2, for comment and to request a letter of endorsement from the Board to the Selectmen. Two key concerns at a prior review were addressed — traffic safety at the entry to the property and access by emergency vehicles. LaLiberté indicated that their traffic consultant recommended widening the entry and providing a traffic island to more safely direct traffic. Emergency vehicle access will be facilitated by providing a three-foot-wide strip on either side of the six-foot-wide pedestrian walk. Each strip will have "grass-pavers" (perforated concrete pavers) slightly below grade that become overgrown with turf after a period of time. If the roadway is blocked, emergency vehicles will be able to reach the playing fields by driving over the pedestrian walkway. The board directed administrator George Mansfield to draft a letter of endorsement to be reviewed at the next meeting.

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