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Friday, March 10, 2006


Where next with Carlisle's maps?

After months of work entering Carlisle's map data into a Geographic Information System (GIS), the Planning Board on February 27 considered ways to maintain and extend the system in the coming years.

With a geographic information system, information or attributes are linked to location data, such as people or buildings to lots, or streets within a network. The information can be layered and combined in different ways, based on what questions need to be answered.

The Planning Board has used Applied Geographics as a consultant to develop baseline data and provide limited technical support. That effort is near completion.

There are two possible opportunities for Carlisle to proceed with its GIS work. The first involved working with People GIS (an open-source based GIS group) and allowing them to use the town's GIS data to host a Carlisle site gratis for a 30-day evaluation period. After 30 days, there would be a $2,500 setup fee followed by a $3,000 hosting fee per year.

The other opportunity is to tie in with Concord's regional GIS initiative. Tim Donohue, a member of the Land Stewardship Committee, and Sylvia Willard, conservation administrator, described how the program with Concord might work. The regional site would be hosted by Concord, but maintenance of the data and training of authorized individuals to access the site would be added costs to Carlisle. The board voted to initiate a task force for GIS Development intended to address purpose, needs, benefits and requirements of Carlisle's GIS.

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