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Friday, March 3, 2006


Two 17-year-old Concord youths had an icy surprise last Sunday morning when their vehicles ended up in Macone's Pond on Concord Street (just beyond South Street) at about 8:30 a.m. The first vehicle left a 137-foot skid mark on Concord Street before going off the roadway and becoming submerged in the pond. A friend who was following the first vehicle saw what ...more

Smiles all around greeted the news at the February 15 Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting that the CSC collective bargaining subcommittee had reached a preliminary agreement with teachers in negotiations for a new three-year contract. The teachers unanimously voted to accept the contract proposal earlier that day. CSC chair David Dockterman said that the ...more

The Recreation Commission's request to the Carlisle Community Preservation Committee (CPC) for $80,000 to fund a design study for two athletic fields at Foss Farm, as reported in the February 10 issue of the Mosquito, brought a strong reaction at the February 23 Conservation Commission (ConsCom) meeting. Not that commissioners were unaware that the Recreation ...more

William Hayes, a Malden resident who committed five or six housebreaks in Carlisle in July 2004, finally had his day in court in December 2005 and was sentenced at the end of January to six to eight years at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution at Cedar Junction. The offenses were breaking and entering in the daytime, larceny less than $250, larceny ...more

In a first-pass attempt to get a handle on the budget for FY07, the Carlisle Finance Committee (FinCom) showed its generous inclinations by rejecting out-of-hand only $95,000 of $620,000 in requests received from town departments in excess of guideline. Additions to staffing at Town Hall, in Communications, and at the DPW, increased library hours, police training, ...more

A recurring dream in Carlisle over the years has been to bury the utility wires in the town center. The Town Common Committee (TCC) has taken up this cause and they presented their progress to the Board of Selectmen at the February 28 meeting. Reverend Tim Jensen of Church Street and Al Cameron of School Street, members of the committee, distributed photos ...more

Deb Belanger of the Bike and Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee has a dilemma that she shared with the Selectmen at the Board's meeting on February 28. Last summer environmental concerns prevented the use of herbicides to treat weeds overgrowing the existing pathway along Bedford Road, and repaving with stone derivatives, such as done recently in the state ...more

Interviews began this week in the search for two new principals for the Carlisle Public School to replace Steven Goodwin and Michael Giurlando who have resigned effective June 30 (see "Parents respond to Carlisle School principals' resignations," February 10). Given the community dissatisfaction voiced over the process used to hire a new Chief of ...more

It's a state law: all Massachusetts residences, including your own, must have a carbon monoxide (CO) detector by March 31 of this year. If your home is relatively new, chances are the detector was hardwired when it was built. ...more

Science coordinator (and third-grade teacher) Jen Lyons presented an overview of the science curriculum for grades K-8 at the February 15 meeting of the Carlisle School Committee (CSC). "Science is very strong here," she said. "The teachers enjoy teaching science and all have the firm belief that science should be inquiry-based. Carlisle Public ...more

Plans for Greystone Crossing's basic infrastructure received a nod from the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) after many weeks of consultation and negotiation involving the commission, the Planning Board and the applicant. By the time developer William Costello and Stamski and McNary engineer George Dimakarakos made their final appearance at ConsCom's February ...more

Brian Larson of Autumn Lane informed the Board of Selectmen at its February 28 meeting that the Wireless Bylaw Subcommittee has completed the proposed revisions to the existing bylaw and are prepared to present the changes at the Annual Town Meeting for approval. David Maxson of Broadcast Signal Lab has been providing expert consulting to the committee in ...more

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