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Friday, March 3, 2006


Asphalt proposed for pathway surface

Deb Belanger of the Bike and Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee has a dilemma that she shared with the Selectmen at the Board's meeting on February 28. Last summer environmental concerns prevented the use of herbicides to treat weeds overgrowing the existing pathway along Bedford Road, and repaving with stone derivatives, such as done recently in the state park, is prohibitively expensive. Asphalt, perhaps the most effective at eliminating weed growth, is not aesthetically pleasing to some townspeople. The committee has spent $80,000 of its allotted $180,000 and can not proceed with further plans to build a pathway along East Street until the paving conflict is resolved.

"Fix Bedford Road before embarking on more pathways," advised the Selectmen. "We can't fix Bedford Road until we get agreement as to what people want to do," countered Belanger, whose committee still has $100,000 in authorized funding.

After some discussion, asphalt seemed to emerge as the best solution, but given the acrimonious history, nobody was willing to support one surface over another. A "lack of progress" report to Annual Town Meeting may be worthwhile, but in the meantime Belanger requested that the Selectmen draft a letter to the Archdiocese of Boston requesting an easement in front of St. Irene church for a future East Street pathway, once the surfacing issues are resolved.


In other business, Peter Stuart of the Planning Board was appointed to serve on the Historical Commission for a one- year term ending June 30.

Selectmen accepted the resignation of Mike Burgess as Carlisle Police Officer. They voted 5-0 to appoint Ron Holsinger of Old East Street as a patrolman in the Carlisle Police Department.

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