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Friday, March 3, 2006


Hayes jailed for Carlisle housebreaks

William Hayes, a Malden resident who committed five or six housebreaks in Carlisle in July 2004, finally had his day in court in December 2005 and was sentenced at the end of January to six to eight years at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution at Cedar Junction. The offenses were breaking and entering in the daytime, larceny less than $250, larceny over $250, wanton destruction of property and possession of a class E substance. He pled guilty to all charges.

The significance of Carlisle's role in Hayes' arrest was that the clear fingerprints obtained in Carlisle and in Lexington made the arrest possible and concluded the search for the person wanted for hundreds of other housebreaks in the area, according to Carlisle Police Chief John Sullivan. Acton, Lincoln and Wayland Police were also investigating burglaries committed by Hayes at the time of his apprehension in 2004.

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