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Friday, February 17, 2006


Town Republicans choose state delegates

The Carlisle Town Republicans met at the Alcott School in Concord on January 26 to choose delegates to the State Convention to be held on April 29 in Lowell.

Present were Adam Waitkunas, Alan Lewis, Ben Gatti, Bill Tice, Doug Stevenson, Gill Parker, Alex Parker, Carol Nathan, John Beakley, Allison Beakley and Peter Dulchinos (State Committee Chairman from Chelmsford).

Carlisle is allowed five regular delegates, two alternate delegates and three ex officio delegates. The five regular delegates chosen were: Adam Waitkunas, Alex Parker, Ben Gatti, Allison and Jonathan Beakley. The two alternates chosen were: Jim Bohn and Sue Wolfe. The three ex officio delegates are: Tony Allison, Doug Stevenson and Bill Tice.

Lastly, Waitkunas was able to announce that the Kerry Healey campaign was well under way and that there will be two upcoming events. One was at the Omni Parker House on February 2 and the other will be at the Park Plaza on March 2. All former Massachusetts governors will attend.

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