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Friday, February 17, 2006

School resignations concern parent

To the Editor:

I want to express my concerns regarding the sudden resignations of the Carlisle School Principal and Assistant Principal. These staff leaders represent important connections to the school for parents, and connection for the teachers to the Superintendent. We are losing many years of experience immediately. I strongly suggest that issues that have brought these two staff members to resign at the same time will be examined by the Carlisle School Committee and will result in an open conversation with the leadership at the school, and with the teachers.Our teachers are our best asset. We need to have a school environment that nurtures learning and teaching. Any disruption in the leadership staff makes our teachers' jobs that much harder.

Cynthia Sorn
Rutland Street

Artist wants to help repair Highland

To the Editor:

Forgive me for coming only now to the fray; I have been out of town a great deal of late since my son's father and wife recently passed away.

The Highland (School) Studios are full of activity and creativeness by the artists who have been there these 12- plus years. It's a cozy sharing place for professional artists who exhibit internationally and open their studios to an appreciative public one weekend a year. It is a credit to the Town of Carlisle that such a cultural facility exists. The terms of the lease were approved by Town Meeting vote to keep the premises private, and quiet. When the ten-year lease was renewed as a three-year lease, the artists voted to not expend money on exterior restoration to its historical glory until a ten-year lease was again negotiated. The plan was to restore the entrance steps, porch and balcony, to replace the clapboards under the shingles and repaint it the original golden wheat color. The sculptural detail of the pediment and front windows would again be evident. The roof is sound; flashing around the chimney needs to be replaced — not a big job. The windows need only new ropes tied to the weights which are there. Storm windows on the north side work well; the south side does not need them; past ones exploded from the daily heat. Yes, the fire escape needs replacing and a new efficient furnace and hot water radiation system would drastically improve the heating. Large diameter holes for the obsolete steam system make such an improvement easy to install.

The artists are very willing to participate in fundraising, leaseholder Emerson Umbrella will contribute some funds and the Town of Carlisle will be spared the trouble and expense (if it will do the fire-escape) of an albatross which the artists will turn into an eagle.

Highland Building is an elegant turn-of-the-century structure of which very few remain. It's the crown of the hill — a real beauty under faded brown shingles ready to shine forth as Carlisle's Center for the Arts. Please approve our ten-year lease and watch us get on with it.

Phyllis Hughes
Acton Street

Cooperation sought in Coventry Woods hearing

To the Editor:

I attended the ZBA (Zoning Board of Appeals) meeting last evening and was quite amazed at the applicant, Mark O'Hagan's remarks to the Board members. Repeatedly he remarked, "Not on my nickel," when there was a possibility that the Coventry Woods developers might be required to pay for tests or other things deemed appropriate by the Board. The Board members did not respond in kind. Additionally when one Board member, Terry Herndon, pointed out the safety consideration especially regarding fire department access, Mr. O'Hagan said, "As I have said many times, there is no problem — we intend to have sprinklers installed."

Mr. Herndon pointed out that if there is a power disruption, the sprinklers might not work. Additionally, I felt it was also necessary to point out that sprinklers were of no use when the woods or brush are on fire and begin to threaten or actually set fire to the buildings, as all too frequently happens in Carlisle.

This is going to be a long process, but a situation in which the applicant appears to intimidate our town board with aggressive inputs does not make it easier.

Additionally, in view of the massively increased water load due to the high density of this 40B project (56 units) the town has the duty and obligation to provide for carefully planned water testing both within the development property and at nearby resident well sites.

Joan Parker

Russell Street

[Ed note: See related article, page 1. Parker lives near the proposed development.]

Writer opposes House bill H1641

To the Editor:

Massachusetts House bill H1641 is a very dangerous adjustment to the school curriculum required for graduation in this state. It would mandate in the name of health a sex education program the likes of which many could never imagine. The types of activities suggested as normal will lead to sickness and even death.

I testified against this bill before the joint House and Senate Education Committee on Tuesday, Jan. 31 as did hundreds of others. Most importantly, at least three doctors each took a day out of their busy schedules to testify against it. Although the hearing began at 1 p.m., the doctors had to wait into the evening hours to testify, as did I.

Most arresting was the testimony of Dr. Gilbert R. Lavoie, board certified in both internal and occupational medicine, with Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins and Chief of Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases for the European Command when in the US Army. Using CDC statistics, he testified that both needle- sharing injection drug use and receptive A intercourse are almost equivalent in danger and many times more risky than V intercourse with respect to HIV/AIDS. I use initials as did Dr. Lavoie in view of objections expressed by the Education Committee to the actual terms because youth were present — even though public schools have no compunction about this talk when parents are not present.

Dr. Lavoie also pointed out that throughout bill H1641, there are specific pages where V intercourse and A intercourse are treated as equal alternatives and taught to children from K1 through K12. To this he asked: Who here would want to be deceived about life and death matters?

Shockingly, Dr. Lavoie further stated that continuing the type of sex promotions going on now in public schools will probably result in an HIV/AIDS epidemic in 10 to 15 years.

Representative Atkins and Senator Fargo, heed Dr. Lavoie's advice and do not support H1641.

Sally J. Naumann
Lowell Street

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