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Friday, February 10, 2006



FUTURE FINCOM members hone their math skills in this display at the Carlisle Public School. The three kindergarten classes collected new hats and mittens to donate to the House of Hope in Lowell. The kids counted the pairs of mittens and hats and discovered they had collected 76. (Photo by Midge Eliassen)


GIVE US A HAND. Carlisle kindergartners hold up some of the 76 pairs of mittens and hats they collected for the Lowell House of Hope. (Photo by Midge Eliassen)


RACING ROBOTS. Students participating in the after-school Lego robotics program prepare to race their creations. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)



MUSIC MEN. Walter Woodward plays sax with "Jimmy and the Stinkbombs" at the CCHS Battle of the Bands last Saturday. (Photo by Mike Quayle)



THE BEAT GOES ON. The Uncle Babushka band performs at the Battle of the Bands last Saturday at CCHS. Left to right: Cam Bjork on bass, Joyce Corrao-Clanon on keyboard, Owen Callahan singing lead, Jeff Jenkins on percussion, and Brendan Kavanagh on guitar. (Photo by Mike Quayle)



GREAT BASS LINE. CCHS sophomore Cam Bjork performs at last Saturday's Battle of the Bands in the CCHS cafeteria. (Photo by Mike Quayle)



P.T. BARNUM WOULD BE PROUD. CCHS senior students Melissa Judson and Francis D'Ambrosio practice for the upcoming performance of the musical Barnum, which opens on March 3.



SIGNS OF SPRING? Buttrick's Pond looks peaceful on an unseasonably warm February afternoon. (Photo by Midge Eliassen)





FRESH AIR FANS. The Trails Committee pre-Super Bowl walk attracted several hardy walkers at Towle Field. (Photo by Mike Quayle)



WH-O-O AM I? This alert little saw-whet owl was part of the Wingmasters program at the Carlisle School on January 24. (Courtesy photo)

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