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Friday, February 3, 2006


Ten years ago, a man in the neighborhood between the hours of nine and five would have been part of the lawn crew, a mailman, or maybe an over-65 retiree. Now, throughout Carlisle, at-home dads have entered the mix, arranging play-dates, chauffeuring kids to activities, volunteering at the school, and doing all the jobs, including laundry and grocery shopping, ...more

The Carlisle Public School held its second annual celebration of the Chinese New Year on Saturday afternoon, January 28, in Corey Auditorium and Dining Room. Students performed several traditional dances and sang the Chinese New Year song. Celebrated Chinese dancer Chiao Bin Huang performed the elegant and colorful Ribbon Dance. ...more

Name: The common toadskin lichen is Lasallia papulosa, where papulosa means an abundance of pimples. There are only three species of Lasallia lichens in North America and they are all very aptly referred to as toadskin lichens. ...more

On the Chinese calendar, the Year of the Dog comes around every 12 years. On the Carlisle calendar, every year is the Year of the Dog. ...more

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