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Friday, February 3, 2006


Shorts from the Planning Board, January 23

Greystone Crossing public hearing. A delegation of abutters attended the public hearing for the Cross Street conservation cluster. They were energized after receiving formal notification of the "new" hearing made necessary by Planning Board changes. Only four of the board members had been involved with the development since its inception, but five are required. With the appointment of Brian Larson to the position vacated by Rich Boulé, the hearing process could move forward.

George Dimakarakos, representing the engineering firm of Stamski and McNary, and developer William Costello assured the board and attendees that only minimal changes had been made to the set of plans previously before the board. (1) Slight adjustments were made in some of the lot lines to establish a more logical location relative to one of the common driveways. (2) At the request of the Conservation Commission the homeowners' association maintenance account was separated into two accounts, one being exclusively for snow removal. (3) Rhododendrons were substituted for one of the planned stands of white pine to be planted at a curve of a common driveway.

The plans will be sent to Town Counsel and the board's engineering consultants, Land Tech, for their review. The Planning Board will continue their public hearing on Greystone Crossing on February 27.

East Street common driveway. Theodore Treibick had submitted as-built plans to the town as part of the requirements for an occupancy permit for 136-138 East Street, and Fire Chief David Flannery requested that the Planning Board review the driveway design. The issue was that the T-turnaround at the end does not conform to the plan originally approved by the board. Noting several discrepancies, including location and orientation of the house and garage in addition to the driveway turnaround detail, the consensus was that it was up to the applicant to resolve the difficulty by developing a plan that provides an appropriate turnaround. Involvement by the board engineering consultant was not needed at this time.

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