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Friday, February 3, 2006


Shorts from the Housing Authority, January 25

by Priscilla Stevens

The Housing Authority met on Wednesday evening, January 25, to discuss a draft of their budget requests for the Finance Committee and to put paperwork in order for the 2005 Town Report and the Annual Town Meeting.

Request for staff. The Finance Committee will be asked to approve a part-time staff person to oversee the affordable accessory apartments plan and shepherd people through the permitting paperwork involved in building those apartments, as well as determining what, if any, subsidies or financial incentives are available. The existing town bylaw allows accessory apartments only in existing buildings, but a new bylaw proposed by the Affordable Accessory Apartment Bylaw Task Force organized in November 2005 would permit the building of new ones separate from existing structures. The Housing Authority anticipates interest in building affordable accessory apartments, especially if a staff person is available to smooth the permitting process, provide information about incentives, and guide the builder through the paperwork. The Housing Authority hopes that each affordable accessory apartment would count as one unit of affordable housing toward Carlisle's goal of 10%.

In addition, some of this staff person's Housing Authority time would be used to monitor and administer Housing Authority regulations. The board agreed that if particular expertise were needed, consultants should be hired, and the staff person would not be expected to act in the capacity of expert, but mainly as an administrative assistant to the Housing Authority. With the revisions discussed, the letter to the Finance Committee requesting the staff person was approved with one member abstaining.

Annual Report. Board member Jim Bohn had prepared the Housing Authority's 2005 report, and with minor revisions, it was accepted unanimously for inclusion into the Town Report.

Next meeting. The next meeting of the Housing Authority is scheduled for February 15 at 7:30 p.m.

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