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Friday, February 3, 2006


Shorts from the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee, Jan. 24

College mini-fairs were formerly held in the fall and targeted seniors. Because many seniors have already chosen their schools by the fall, the fairs have been moved to the spring this year, where they will target juniors. Forty to fifty colleges will be represented each week at these mini-fairs during the months of April and May.

Advertising Policy. The RSC voted on and passed an advertising policy that states, "No permanent advertising of commercial products, services, logos, or names will be permitted in school buildings or on school grounds or propertiesUnderstanding that sport and club activities are partially supported by fundraising, temporary advertising of commercial products, services, and logos will be permitted on a limited basis, during the time of and just prior to a sporting event, or during the time of or just prior to a club activity. This time shall be limited to the time of the event. No school personnel shall be used for setup and removal of the advertisements. The principal can, at any time, restrict this advertising if it is deemed inappropriate."

Philanthropic Club coming to CCHS. An anonymous donor has left $1.3 million to be divided by CCHS, Concord Academy, The Fenn School, Middlesex School and Nashoba Brooks School, to start philanthropic clubs at each. Students will investigate philanthropic groups and determine how to dispense $10,000 to $15,000. CCHS Principal Art Dulong said, "[The goal is] to help young people understand the need for charitable giving."

Recognitions. Principal Dulong recognized Mary Tessari for doing an "extraordinary job." Tessari sends out all the records and transcripts for college applications. Dulong said that records must be perfect. When he came, there were 850 students. Now there are roughly 1,250 students. Mary Tessari continues to be the single person doing this job even with the increased enrollment. "Last year, over 1,600 transcripts were sent out. This year, over 2,200 have been sent out already."

Dulong also recognized the Special Education Department as doing an excellent job. The number of SPED students has risen from 109 to 159 in the time Dulong has been at CCHS. "The SPED Department delivers terrific service to parents and students. The staff is very dedicated."

David Prifti is a nationally known photo artist and a teacher in the CCHS Art Department. One of his photos was on the cover of "Middlesex Beat" in January and there was an article about him as an artist in the magazine. Dulong commended Prifti. "He is a terrific teacher."

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